Melanie Griffith seen with a scar on her face from skin cancer

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Melanie Griffith’s face is scarred by skin cancer

Melanie Griffith went for a ride and exceeded her expectations.

The “Working Girl” star was photographed in her car on Friday afternoon with a large scar on her left cheek.

Melanie Griffith
Although she has battled skin cancer in the past, it is not yet known what caused the scar.
London Entertainment/SplashNew

On closer inspection, a small portion of the laceration appears to have been stitched up, but is still healing.

The cause of Griffith’s scar is unknown.

A Griffith representative did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

Melanie Griffith with shopping bags
The 65-year-old “Working Girl” actress looked chic in an all-black outfit.
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While out and about, the Now & Then actress, 65, looked chic in black-rimmed glasses, a black turtleneck, diamond studs and bright red lipstick.

Griffith in 2018 shared a photo After the operation, he himself bandaged his nose to remove the skin cancer on his face.

Melanie Griffith with a big shopping bag
The “Now and then” actress doesn’t try to hide her scars.
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“Post-dermabrasion re-wrapping, the final step in repairing removed basil cell skin cancer,” Griffiths wrote in the caption. “If any of you have it, please fix it. If you’re lying in the sun, you’re going to be exposed to a lot of sunlight, be careful.”

She added: “Use sunscreen. Talk to your dermatologist. If you don’t have one, get one or go to the nearest clinic and ask for a test.

Melanie Griffith selfie with bandaged nose
In 2018, Griffith shared a photo of her nose being bandaged after cancer cells were removed.
Instagram/Melanie Griffith

Earlier this year, Griffith Open for InStyle Magazine Of the toll her battle with skin cancer has taken, describing it as “it’s a horrible thing when you’re an actor and rely on your face to work.

“But I realized I had to put a Band-Aid on it, which was fine. I looked like an idiot,” she added.

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