Meghan Markle is ‘terrible,’ according to Lizzie Cundy, for not paying a visit to her father after he suffered a major stroke.

Meghan Markle has been chastised for flying to Texas rather than visiting her sick father to attend a memorial service for the Uvalde school shooting.

The Duchess, 40, laid a bouquet of white roses outside Robb Primary School’s memorial, where 21 people were killed, including 19 children.

Her father Thomas, 77, was in a hospital bed just two hours away, having suffered a major stroke.

Thomas’s condition has left him unable to speak, according to Meghan’s older sister Samantha, but he has made no contact with his youngest daughter Meghan.

Meghan Markle’s former pal Lizzie Cundy has been slammed.

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“I think it’s really sad that Meghan couldn’t go and see her father when she was only a couple of hours away,” Meghan’s former pal Lizzie Cundy, 54, exclusively told Daily Star about the news.

“Whatever happens, all families have problems, but when something like that happens, you go to their side, whatever it takes because it’s blood – it’s family.”

“I think it’s very sad that she can have a photo opportunity at the school shooting when her father is only two hours away.”

Thomas, Meghan’s father, has yet to be contacted.

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“It’s the wrong thing to do,” the television host continued.

“Couldn’t she take a page from the Queen’s book and learn how not to visit her father, after all, he’s had a stroke?”

“Couldn’t she just forgive him and go see him?” she wondered. “Yet she made the trip?”

Meghan traveled to Texas to lay a floral tribute in memory of the victims of the school shooting.

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Samantha, Meghan’s sister, wrote a letter to Prince Harry’s wife on a banana and sent it to the Daily Star exclusively.

During a visit to the One25 charity in Bristol, Meghan scribbled phrases like “you are brave” and “you are strong” on the yellow fruit.

Samantha is now employing the same strategy in the hopes of capturing her younger sister’s attention by writing on a banana.

Samantha Markle begged her sister, Meghan Markle, to contact their father through the Daily Star.


In a photo given exclusively to the Daily Star, she scribbled “Call dad” on the bright yellow fruit.

Despite Meghan’s claims that she attempted to contact Thomas, Samantha quickly debunked them, saying, “My brother and I are in contact 20-25 times a day and my brother is with dad.”

“She hasn’t contacted my father, his phone number hasn’t changed, and Tom is constantly with him.”

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