Meet Jude, Crosby and Jayde, Brett Hull’s children amid dad Bobby’s death

hockey Hall of Famer Bobby Hull dies at 84, prompting Chicago Blackhawks to extend “deepest sympathy” to Hull family, which includes five children — sons Bobby Jr., Blake, Brett, Bart with daughter Michelle — and at least three grandchildren: Jude, Crosby and Jayde Hull.

This Blackhawks statement continues, via ESPN: “The Hull family asks for privacy during this difficult time. They thank people for their sympathy.”

Bobby’s son Brett Hull, who entered the hockey world like his father, said: “Those of us who were lucky enough to spend time with him will always cherish those times. We will miss him very much.”

Here’s what we know about Bobby’s grandchildren, namely Jude, Crosby and Jed, through son Brett and Brett’s first wife Alison.

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Meet Bobby Hull’s grandson and Brett’s children Jude, Crosby and Jayde

Brett Hull’s three children were all born between the early 1990s and 2005, when he was still in a relationship with his first wife, Alison.

They are regularly featured on their mother’s social media; she and Brett were married on May 23, 1997, Divorced in 2005but reportedly stay friendly.

Jude put on his hockey jersey. He was 19 in 2013, which means he’s either 29 now or soon to be 29. Jayde was a horse racing enthusiast in the past. She went to Colgate University.Her mother Alison, now Curran-Hull, posted a Photos from her horse exploits series Summer 2014. Crosby, meanwhile, posted a tribute to her late grandfather’s 15,500 Instagram followers on Monday.

“Today we lost a true icon,” she wrote. “We will always love you grandpa. Cheers to heaven’s endless red wine.”

“Being the son of Hull doesn’t guarantee a free ride”

Like his father, Brett, his Before his father Bobby, Jude was a hockey player. Or, at least, used to be. Born in Stillwater, Minnesota, he is 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters) tall and plays goalie.

he Played for St Olaf’s College During the three seasons from 2015 to 2018. At the age of 29, he seems to have largely left the sport now. He never played professionally. As USA Hockey Magazine proved in 2013″Being the son of Hull doesn’t guarantee a free ride.”

Still, after the 2012-13 season, Icedogs coach Steve Harrison said Jude (and his teammate John) displayed a “rare character.”

“They never gave up. They never called out when the score got ugly. They were out there every night trying to rally the boys to win.”

Jude Hull prefers “not knowing who his father and grandfather were”

His coach told USA Hockey Magazine in 2013 that he understands Jude Hull “would rather people not know who his father and grandfather were” when it comes to hockey.

“It’s not that he’s not proud to be Brett’s son. But he wants to make his mark on himself based on what he’s done he yes. “

This may have contributed to his decision to become a goalkeeper. As a goalkeeper, the magazine quoted his father Brett Hull as saying he had “nothing to live up to”.

“There’s no comparison to grandpa or me. He’s just a block guy.” His mother also played hockey with her brother and neighborhood kids, the magazine added. She’s a keeper, just like her son Jude.

Photo by Chase Agnello-Dean/NHLI via Getty Images

Brett Hull now lives in Dallas with his second wife, Darcie Schollmeyer

The magazine interview mentioned above reiterated that while Jude Hull’s parents are divorced, they are “on good terms.”

Brett now lives in Dallas, Texas with his second wife, Darcy, while Alison lives near the Twin Cities, at least at the time of this interview.

they have 16 and a half years together, married in July 2006. Darcie was born in 1971, seven years younger than Brett. Brett Hull’s three children, Jude, Crosby and Jayde, appear to have moved out of their parents’ homes and have graduated or started college.

In addition to field hockey, Brett is an avid golfer.He occasionally competes in the American Century Celebrity Golf Classic and in 2009 Golf Digest ranks him as the sixth best athletic golfer in North America.

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