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Mayra Bueno Silva Gets Submission Win Over Stephanie Egger After Judge Sees Tap

Mayra Bueno Silva and Stephanie Egger, UFC Vegas 59 Credit: Alex Behunin/Cageside Press

UFC Vegas 59 qualifiers starting Saturday are women’s bantamweight bouts Mela Bueno Silva and Stephanie Egger.

The two fighters entered the night with their most recent victories – Silva’s unanimous decision win over Wu Yanan in April, while Egger has won two in a row, most recently against Jessica Rose Clark.

In both cases, those victories came with post-battle bonuses, raising expectations for Saturday’s showdown.

We did have a victory against Egger against Silva on Saturday – in controversial circumstances.

Silva pushed the action to the ground after about 30 seconds, but Egger was backing up and climbing to the top. Silva then locked a handrail – and verbally told the referee Egger had been tapped. Egg stood in disbelief, clearly contesting the suspension. The referee then signaled for a replay of the video, but the verdict was inconclusive. He then surveyed the judges at the cage — one of whom claimed that Iger had indeed clicked on the submission.

An odd ending, with the referee later praising Silva for showing good sportsmanship when releasing control, while Egger went on to suggest she wasn’t actually hitting the ball.

“I worked hard for this moment, for this fight. She tapped,” Silva said emotionally after the fight.

Official result: Mayra Bueno Silva def. Stephanie Egger Submission (Boom), Round 1, 1:17


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