Mauricio Pochettino, the manager of PSG, was spotted on vacation wearing Spurs gear.

Mauricio Pochettino, the manager of Paris Saint-Germain, was seen wearing Tottenham shirts while on vacation.

Despite the fact that he is set to be relieved of his duties as PSG manager in the coming hours, Pochettino appeared to be in good spirits as he enjoyed some time away from the stresses of management. As he posed for a photograph with former Espanyol teammate Ivan de la Pena, football fans were quick to notice the Argentine’s choice of attire.

Pochettino chose to wear an old Nike top with the words ‘Spurs’ beneath the brand’s famous tick, despite his current status as PSG manager (almost).

Spurs fans took to social media to compliment him on his style. “Mauricio Pochettino is still wearing Spurs merch during his vacation,” one person wrote.

“Pochettino in Spurs merch on holidays is exactly what I needed today,” another Twitter user said, while a third added, “Mauricio Pochettinooooo his magic you knowww come home Conte cries too much.”

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Pochettino is set to leave his role as PSG manager

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“He knows exactly what he’s doing,” one fan said of Pochettino’s shirt. And it’s one of the reasons why I admire him so much. Sweet prince x, I’ll see you after Conte’s impending meltdown.”

“Should return as Conte’s no.2 and then take over the reins after a couple seasons,” says another. “If it weren’t for Conte, I’d give anything to have Poch back,” someone else added.

Following the departure of Nuno Espirito Santo last Autumn, Pochettino was heavily linked with a return to Tottenham, but the former Southampton manager chose to stay at PSG when Spurs hired Conte.

While Conte looks set to stay in north London next season, Poch’s time at Parc des Princes appears to be coming to an end. PSG and the 50-year-old coach are said to have reached an agreement ahead of the 2022-23 season, according to reports published on Sunday.

According to the Athletic, the decision was made jointly by the club and the manager, with both parties agreeing that parting ways is the best option.

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