Matteo Oliver Tucci- All About Stanley Tucci’s Son

Matteo Oliver Tucci He is the first child of comedian Stanley Tucci and his British wife Felicity Blunt. Matteo appears to be Tucci’s second major experience following the tragic death of his wife Kathryn Spath or Kate.

Matteo Oliver Tucci age and parents

Mateo Oliver Tucci is Felicity’s first child, born in January 2015. Matteo, now seven, is Matthew in Italian.

Matteo’s parents, Tucci and Blunt, who are 18 years apart, met before the 2006 premiere of The Devil Wears Prada. After the death of Stanley’s first wife Kate, he met Felicity at her sister Emily’s wedding to The Office actor John Krasinski.

Tucci, 61, then traveled to the UK to film a movie, and he and Blunt began dating. A year later, in November 2011, Matteo’s father proposed during a trip to Berlin.

Tucci and Felicity were quietly married the following August. While this is Stanley’s second wedding, it is unknown if Felicity has been married before.

In September, a month after their secret wedding, they held a more formal gathering in London’s Nave Hall. The subsequent reception was held at L’Anima restaurant.

Matteo Oliver Tucci siblings

Matteo’s mother, Felicity, is a literary agent.

Matteo’s mother, Felicity, has been a literary agent at talent agency Curtis Brown since 2005. This British national representative novelist, such as the New York Times best-selling Latino author Elizabeth Acevedo and the famous novelist Daniel Steele.

Matteo Oliver Tucci siblings

Matteo’s siblings are Isabel, Nicolo, Camilla and Emilia, all children of Stanley TucciThe first three were his father, Stanley’s eldest child, twins Isabel and Nicolo, and his daughter Camilla from his first marriage to Kate Tucci.

Tucci and social worker Kate were married in 1995 and have been married for nearly 15 years. The marriage ended when Kate died of breast cancer in 2009.

Despite his despair after his wife’s death, Stanley said he was even more heartbroken for their children as they had to grow up without their mother. Isabel Concetta Tucci, Matteo’s older half-sister and one of Tucci’s twins, spent most of her life away from her father’s Hollywood spotlight.

What is the net worth of Matteo’s father, Stanley Tucci?

Matteo’s dad Tucci is unquestionably rich for a man who has become a Hollywood mainstay. His estimated net worth is around $25 million which seems very reasonable, most of which seems to come from his work as an actor, producer and director.

He also owns several restaurants inside and outside the United States.

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