Mason Greenwood is planning to marry pregnant girlfriend Harriet Robson

Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood and pregnant girlfriend Harriet Robson are seen with sources claiming they are planning to marry

The 21-year-old footballer, who earns £75,000 a week, is expecting his first child with his university student girlfriend this summer.

Mason Greenwood plans to marry pregnant girlfriend Harriet Robson after they reunite

The pair were seen at the five-star Langham Hotel in central London, where rooms cost up to £600 a night. People close to Greenwood said he had told his family he wanted to marry his partner.

The Sun understands Greenwood, 21, has told his family about his wedding plans.

Greenwood’s career took a hit when he was arrested in January 2022 after a woman filed charges against him. He was charged with attempted rape, assault and controlling and coercive behaviour, but the Crown Prosecution Service dropped the charges in February 2022 because they had insufficient evidence.

Greenwood’s future at Man Utd in doubt after arrest

After Greenwood’s arrest, United suspended his full salary and said they would conduct an internal investigation into what happened. Greenwood has spoken to manager Eric ten Hager and other club officials, but it is unclear what will happen with him in the squad.

Before his arrest, Greenwood was worth around £50million and was regarded as one of the best young footballers in Europe. But following the allegations, Nike terminated his multi-million pound boot deal and EA Sports removed him from FIFA 22.

While his football career is uncertain, Greenwood appears to be focused on his personal life and family plans. The Sun knows he and his partner will be wed and expect their first child this summer.

Who is Mason Greenwood? Age, early life, occupation, and more!

Mason Greenwood is a young professional footballer who plays as a striker and currently plays for Manchester United in the Premier League. Greenwood was born on October 1, 2001 in Bradford, England. At the age of six, he joined Manchester United’s youth academy and worked his way up the ranks. In March 2019, he represented the first team in the UEFA Cup against Paris Saint-Germain. He scored his first goal for the senior team in the same game a few months later.

Since then, Greenwood has emerged as one of England’s most promising young footballers. In September 2020, he will be called up to the England senior team for the first time. Greenwood has been a key player for United and is widely believed to have a bright future in the sport. He is known for his excellent technique, quick response in front of goal and powerful shooting.

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