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Martin Buday Enjoyed War With Brzeski, Doesn’t Mind APEX Fights

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — UFC heavyweight Martin Buday won his second UFC victory Saturday night with a decisive victory over Lukas Brzeski.

“I enjoyed that fight. I thought Lucas was going to be a tough opponent, so maybe it wouldn’t go very far, but I think he and I really enjoyed that fight. It was war,” Cloth said. Day told Cageside Press and other media during the post-game brawl.

Buday and Brzeski seemed to throw everything they had at each other, so much so that both were exhausted by the end of the fight.

“We were going to try again with him, but he turned down a couple of times, so we wanted to try plan b. I enjoyed it. I had a fight for a long time. It was good. He didn’t surprise me, ‘ said Bouday.

“We expect that from him. Long hands, long hooks. Low kicks, calf kicks.”

Buddy was 30 pounds heavier than Brzeski at the weigh-in on Friday, which may have been a factor in the game.

“I didn’t have much opportunity to test (the difference in power) in this game, but I think it will be important when we get the win.”

With the UFC now bringing Fight Night cards to arenas in other cities, many fighters have expressed an unwillingness to return to UFC APEX. Buday loves crowds, but has no problem fighting on APEX.

“I also really enjoyed being in APEX. It was the first time with the fans and I loved it, but the location didn’t matter. I enjoyed the fight with or without fans,” Bouday said.

Watch the entire postgame media brawl with Martin Buday above.


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