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Marlon Vera’s Coach Showed Him KO Opening, “Just Keep Working”

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — After taking some time to digest his UFC San Diego bantamweight main event win, Marlon “Chito” Villa spoke Saturday night about TKO’s win over Dominic Cruz.

“I always like to let it digest. I’m so grateful for the moment, enjoying it with my family, friends and my team, I just know that everything I’ve done for this fight has paid off. Work hard, keep Be consistent, stay focused, don’t mess around like an idiot, you have to be consistent,” Villa told Cageside Press and other outlets after the game.

“These are the best years of my life. Why not give it all, you know? It’s my time. I keep calling it.”

Villa (20-7) defeated former two-time bantamweight champion Cruz with a perfect header in the fourth round of the main event.

In an earlier fight, Villa was able to put Cruz on the button with a jab and right hand and put the former champion on the canvas, if only for a moment. Cruz showed the ability to get up quickly until the final header ended his night.

Even though Villa has the strength advantage shown by Cruz, he has the upper hand in the speed and volume department.

“I’m just being patient. I’m taking my time. I’m not going crazy when I put him down. I’m not trying to chase the finish line. I never chase the finish line. I have no problem standing in front of you and finding those openings,” Wei said. La said.

Villa’s head kick was so good that many thought it was the whole camp plan. “Chito” reveals the origin of that opening.

“Like 6 days ago, my coach (Jason Perillo) sent me a photo. Just a screenshot of (Pedro) Munhoz kicking his body, his head drooping. And he didn’t say anything. I saw, I think it’s ok. We just have a good connection and I know what you’re talking about. In the third round, he told me to punch him in the air, put him in the water, and throw a hay machine. I listened, ‘ said Vera.

The knockout performance made Villa the first bantamweight in UFC history to finish in double digits.

“I just thought it was really cool to have these records to get this far. When I was 14 in Ecuador, I just told everyone ‘I want to be a UFC fighter. I want to be a world champion. I want to move America goes to a real gym.” Looking back, everything seems like a fantasy,” he said.

“No one knew I was real. That was really my dream, and now I’ve achieved it and I’m so happy. I’m happy with myself and the people around me and I can’t wait to see what happens next what happened.”

Most fighters who finish like Villa did at UFC San Diego call for the next title, but “Chito” maintained that laid-back mentality when dealing with a possible gold medal.

“Just really don’t get mad at things you can’t control. I don’t train when I fight. I train all year round. I understand sometimes the UFC picks a guy, but we self-contract. They don’t work for us, we don’t They work. They just pick who’s the best performer. I don’t mind working like that. In fact, I know they like me, so why stumble when you know it’s going to go your way,” Vera Say.

“Keep working.”

Watch Marlon “Chito” Vera’s entire postgame media brawl above.


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