Marine Corps Osprey Aircraft Crashes In Imperial County, 5 People Dead, Incident Details!

At least five people were killed in the test crash. It happened in California and caused a stir on social media. According to the latest reports, a military aircraft MV-228 Osprey crashed in the Empire County area, exactly in Southern California, near Highway 78. Five people on board may have died in this incident. The aircraft, belonging to the 3rd Marine Wing, crashed on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at approximately 12:25 pm. Read on to learn more about the crash. Naval Aviation Facility EI Centro claimed the plane, which belonged to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, was headquartered in Miramar, San Diego, according to the report. Follow our website for the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

MV-22B Osprey crashed

MV-22B Osprey crashed

Following the incident, they reported the news via their official social media accounts, after the media release, “We can assert that an aircraft belonging to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing collided near Gramis, California. Civilian and military first servicemen are on the scene. Contrary to initial investigative reports, no nuclear material was found on the plane. We cannot share much information on this at this time and will let you know as soon as we discover any details. At this time , investigation is ongoing.” Initial reports suggested that the plane may have some nuclear material on board, but that claim was later rejected by the Marine Corps.

Marine Corps Osprey plane crashes in Empire County

Contradicting speculation, they released a statement on their official Twitter account saying: “A plane belonging to @3rdmaw must have collided near Glamis, CA. Civilians and military first responded to the incident scene. Rumors with social media Instead, during the investigation, it was found that no nuclear material was found on the plane. Once we get it, many details will be made public.”

What happened in Royal County?

After they collided, MCAS Yuma also uploaded photos on social media to see when the training operation was taking place. The incident has caught the attention of citizens, who are looking for more information. As of now, not much information has been released, but it is clear that there is no nuclear material available on the board. The team is investigating the matter and trying to determine the cause of the crash. For accurate information, keep following us and we will provide more details.

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