Margaret Idahosa celebrates 25 years of husband’s death –

Archbishop Margaret of Idahoza Benson, wife of the late televangelist and founder of Church of God International, is joined by people from all walks of life to celebrate her husband who died on March 12, 1998 .

Speaking of her husband, the clergyman’s wife said: “I joined this world to celebrate our father and the founder of the mission, and we are his legacy. We celebrate his greatness. We celebrate his faith. We celebrate his wisdom. We celebrate his vision. Blessed is the memory of the righteous.”

Mrs. Idahosa also shared a video clip of a message from her husband.

In the clip, Idahosa says, “If belief worked before, it should work now. If it doesn’t work now, there’s no evidence that it worked before.”

“I love what God did to Moses; I love what He did to Abraham. I even love what He did to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. But the greatest proof that God has ever done anything to someone before That’s what he can do today.”

In addition, some people who benefited from the pastor’s grace paid tribute to him. One of them, Fred Fidan Itodo, wrote: “Dad, without you we are now flying on the wings of the Pentecostal legacy in Nigeria and Africa. Thank you You, may my Archbishop of Idahoza rest in peace.”

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