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Who is Nicole Alkabas?

A mother who tricked hundreds of people into donating more than £40,000 by pretending she had cancer has only had to pay back £5.

Nicole Elcabas has spent thousands of dollars on holidays, gambling, shopping, meals and even £3,592 for a luxury box to watch a Tottenham Hotspur game.


Kent, 44, from Broadstairs, lied on her GoFundMe that she had raised £45,350 to pay for private ovarian cancer treatment in Spain.

Her GoFundMe page, titled “Nicole Needs Our Help – Treatment,” features a fragile photo taken a few months ago after gallbladder surgery.

She has struck a chord with the public by describing herself as a “beautiful daughter” and “a loving mother to her beloved 11-year-old son.”

She described the trauma of three surgeries and six rounds of chemotherapy as “the only way she could save herself”, leaving her desperate for money to pay for an innovative drug in Spain.

Her photos on GoFundMe show Elkabbas “obviously affected and looking very ill in her hospital bed”, in fact, from her previous surgery to remove her gallbladder.

However, doctors had cleared him of the cancer just days before the fundraiser.

She was ordered to pay just £5 over the next 28 days as she had no financial assets or ability to pay the nearly 700 victims.


Canterbury Crown Court heard investigators have since looked into his accounts and calculated he had earned a total of £360,000 for the crime.

His spending habits include betting more than £60,000 in 2018 alone, which he describes as “excessive, erratic and extreme”.

The former Harrods fashion consultant pleaded not guilty at a trial in November 2020, claiming she truly believed she had cancer.

Elkabbas was jailed for two years and nine months last year, with Judge Mark Weekes saying her scheme was “purely wild fantasy and deliberate deception” to fund her gambling habit.

“You make detailed, sometimes graphic, descriptions of the treatment you’ve had in order to get those you find in the web of lies to pay you,” he said.

Her lies include stories about major surgery, six cycles of chemotherapy and a miracle drug.

Surgery at Spencer Private Hospital in Margate, Kent, is covered by private health insurance and has nothing to do with cancer.

Finally, the photo only sped up her shoot after a former friend and prominent London gynaecologist stumbled across the GoFundMe page.

General counsel George Tsavellas told the trial last year that she found “no malignancy” and said both ovaries “appeared normal” after minimally invasive surgery in January 2018.

Nicole Elkabbas Quick and Facts

  • Nicole Elkabbas launches fundraiser and claims she needs to pay for treatment
  • But was never diagnosed and instead used huge cash to fund lifestyle
  • She was ordered to pay back only £5 of the £45,000 she raised and spent
  • She was jailed for two years and nine months last year for fraud

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