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Man Shot At US High School Basketball Match As Terrified Young Children Flee Court

Multiple shots fired at high school basketball game in Oklahoma, officials confirm one shot

Fans can be seen fleeing the arena after hearing gunshots

A man was shot and killed Tuesday as a high school basketball game in Oklahoma descended into chaos. Local police confirmed that the man, who did not want to be named, had been taken to hospital in an unknown condition.

Police confirmed that shots were fired during a fight following the Oklahoma game and launched an investigation into the shooting. The incident happened at a school in Oklahoma during a live broadcast of Del City High School’s game against Millwood High School.

Horrific footage emerged showing young children on the pitch before gunshots were heard. The camera then pans quickly to two narrators who get down and start the commercial after hearing a loud explosion.

The video appeared to show fans scrambling to leave as gunshots rang out, as multiple people could be heard screaming in frenzy.

Following the incident, Del City High School Principal Steve Giraland issued a statement. It read: “After the boys’ basketball game with Millwood High School, a fight broke out and shots were fired on the playing field.

“The Del City Police Department is at the scene to investigate the incident.” He also confirmed that the school will conduct online virtual classes in the wake of the shooting.

A group of kids were playing basketball on the court

according to TMZ SportsPolice have not received any reports of any students injured in the horrific incident, and no arrests have been made so far.

Police are still investigating at the scene, with KOCO ABC 5 News reporting that security personnel have been present out of concern.

“From our officers’ initial accounts, there were at least 500 people here, and the incident happened just after the game,” Del City Police Major Brad Cowden said on a local news program.

Mirror Sport has contacted the Del City Police Department for further comment.

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