Madonna’s “Romance” With Josh Popper Is Just For Show: Source

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Madonna’s ‘romance’ with Josh Popper was just for show: source

Madonna’s New ‘Romance’ Is More of a Showman

It seems like a quick job even for Material Girl: On Wednesday, just days after Page Six revealed the singer had split from model boyfriend Andrew Darnell, she was linked to boxing trainer Josh Popper .

But Page Six sources said Thursday that all is not as it seems.

Photos of Madonna, 64, and Popper, 29, show them both, friends say Post on InstagramThey were just there to help him spread the word. Popper was training the singer’s 17-year-old son David for a charity boxing match and asked her to help promote his Bredwinners gym in Manhattan.

“He’s a handsome guy, but Madonna isn’t looking for love at the moment,” said a source. “Josh was training her son and he was impressed. She said she would help him promote the gym.

Madonna with boxing trainer Josh Popper.
Popper Isa is said to be training Madonna’s 17-year-old son David in a charity boxing match.
Instagram / @_joshpopper

“He’s an up-and-coming guy who’s just appeared on Bravo’s reality show, so he’s desperate to get Madonna’s attention,” added Popper’s source, who appeared on Monday’s episode of “Summer House.”

Still, the source clarified: “That doesn’t rule out any romance in the future — but everything is strictly platonic at the moment.”

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Page Six reached out to Madonna representatives for comment.

Now, Madonna “has a lot of other things in her life that require her attention. Most importantly mourning her brother with her family — she’s especially worried about her father and spending time with him.”

Madonna, boxing trainer Josh Pope and others
Pope trains with Madonna and others at the Bredwinners gym in New York.
Instagram / @_joshpopper
Josh Pope
Popper appeared on Bravo’s “Summer House” this week.

Madonna’s older brother, Anthony Ciccone, died on Feb. 25 at the age of 66 after a troubled life with alcohol and drug addiction. In 2011 he was reported to be living under a bridge in his home state of Michigan.

Anthony once complained that his relatives ignored his pleas for help. “my family
They basically turned their backs on me when I got stuck. You think I haven’t answered this question a million times – why is my sister a multi-millionaire and I’m homeless on the street?

While Madonna and other family members reportedly offered to put Anthony in rehab, he refused until 2017. The singer and his five other siblings have reportedly been supporting and visiting Anthony as his health has declined over the past few months.

Andrew Darnell and Madonna
Madonna recently parted ways with model Andrew Darnell

Madonna posted about him on Instagram over the weekend, noting how grateful she was for his influences at a young age: Richard Brautigan, Jack Kerouac, big-hearted, thinking outside the box. You have planted many important seeds. “

Madonna, whose mother died when the singer was 5, was especially close to her 91-year-old father, Tony. According to sources, the death of his eldest son affected him greatly.

“Madonna spends time with her family and is especially keen to support a weak Tony. This is a very worrying time,” the source said. “Madonna is so busy preparing for her tour that it can be overwhelming, but everyone knows she needs to be alone right now to be with her family. Being with her dad is her number one priority.”

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