LUO XIAO MAO MAO ZI Committed Suicide In Live Broadcast, Watch Death Video, Death Reason Explained!

The 25-year-old died after drinking pesticide while using the Chinese app Douyin during a weekday. Throughout the broadcast, she said her friends knew she had been diagnosed with depression and she had been in hospital for two months. Douyin has 678,000 followers, and the account has 38 short videos. During the livestream, he said: “This will probably be my last video because I’ve been depressed for a long time.” The nursing assistant of the influential, anonymous friend said she was inspired to have a kind of drug that contains a killer Insect drink.

LUO XIAO MAO MAO ZI Committed Suicide In Live Broadcast, Watch Death Video, Death Reason Explained!

Luo kitten cat suicide video

She was then taken to hospital but died during emergency medical care, her family confirmed, local media reported. This is amazing news, however, what is even more shocking is what happened during the entire live broadcast. Once “Luo Kitten Cat” was broadcast live that night, he took out a bottle of chemicals on the spot. Her expression was indifferent, with delicate makeup on her face, no different from usual, not like someone who was about to say goodbye to this world.

Luo cat cat death cause

This is her last video, and the first time I saw it represented me struggling to imagine this was a woman who wanted to kill herself, saying goodbye to the world now… Also, watching this video also makes me Cry personally! How desperate is my heart to say this so clearly? While the tragedy happened, it wasn’t over yet. What happened to Luo Kitten? It is said that her ex-boyfriend Zhao Ruolin broke up with her current boyfriend before the tragedy.

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As a result, netizens began to laugh at themselves, but Zhao Ruolin poured dirty water on Luo Mao. Countless netizens took turns to attack Nile Xiaomao, and the psychological pressure was great. In fact, his wrist was cut off in May, but the cyber violence he suffered has not changed, and the damage he has caused has not gone away, but now that he is dead, he still hopes that the deceased can rest in peace,” Luo Xiao said. Follow TheGossipsWorld for more updates and world news.

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