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Luke Rockhold Says UFC Ownership Letting Dana White “Run the Show and Suppress the Sport”

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Returning former middleweight champion Luke Rockhold was rude during UFC 278 media day on Wednesday.

From fighter salaries and post-fight bonuses, to new media kids like Barstool Sports and Full Send MMA, Rockhold covers a lot of topics and doesn’t hold back.

When it comes to some of the smaller prize money the UFC has brought in, and a post-fight bonus that’s still $50,000 after a slow rise, Rockhold points the finger at UFC’s current ownership.

“When Lorenzo and Frank [Fertitta] Running the show, there is a real ground wire. These people, they don’t know what they’re doing.they make dana [White] Just running the show and suppressing the sport,” Lockhold told the media, including the Cageside Press. “They need to grow, and this damn thing needs to grow together. Our lives are on the fucking line. Healthcare needs to be taken care of. Our fucking health needs to be taken care of. Mine is not taken care of. There are a lot of things that need a fucking change. “

Rockhold also unhappy with the interview Full Send MMA with Chito Vera, where they presented the Mexican luchador mask to the Ecuadorian bantamweight. “I see this bastard here. You have to do your fucking homework,” Lockhold said, to a full-on MMA reporter. “This fucking corrupt culture of Barstool Sports and Full Send, like, you have to do your homework. You can’t approach Chito and give him a Mexican mask about his culture. His culture, he’s a fucking Ecuadorian bastard , do your homework.”

In the fight against Paul Costa, Rockhold (16-5) admitted he has been preparing for the fighter that scares him.

“I’m wrestling with a beast, no question. I want that. I want someone who scares me, gets me up in the morning, and makes me fucking push myself to the end of me,” Rockhold said . “That’s what it means to be a real man, to find your biggest test, your biggest challenge, and then go out and let yourself take it.”

“You will succeed, or you will die,” he added.

Lockhold noted that training camp was long and Costa delayed games more than once. “The UFC confirms this will be the last change. I like this opponent so much. They put me back in the loop. You know me, I always go straight to the jugular. I’m never afraid to do it, I’m not a dancer, I don’t want to do anything to stay here longer than I have to. I want to go out and do the damn thing.”

But, Rockhold added, “I feel good. Now, I feel stronger by the day. And it feels right. I’m not questioning myself. I’m going there, no matter what, I’m going there, I’m going to try To the best. Like I said before, the less I question myself, the more I see this person questioning himself.”

Watch Luke Rockhold’s full UFC 278 media day rally above.


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