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Long-Time Activist Titewhai Harawira Cause of Death? How Did She Die? Dies At 90

Titewhai Harawira, a New Zealand-based long-time activist is, unfortunately, no more among her close ones and admirers, as her untimed passing took place at the age of 90 on Tuesday, 24th of January 2023 after being battled against the severe health intricacies of ill-health. As soon as the news is getting circulated on social networking sites uncounted reactions commenced hitting the headlines as no one had even imagined that day she will leave the globe in a certain manner while leaving everyone in a deep shock. Below you can explore the further information you need to know along with some unknown facts.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, till now, there is no update of the exact cause behind her death, as currently it is remaining ascertained as no statement or reaction is made by from the side of her close ones. Amidst all these, a few anonymous reports are claiming that she had been diagnosed with severe health complications of ill-health, which were continuously deteriorating him into the worst, and therefore, she was remaining under medical observation for a very long so that, they can bring her alive ahead while blessing with the further breath, but unluckily they could not do anything.

Who Was Titewhai Harawira?

90-year-old, Titewhai Harawira alias Titewhai Te Huia Hinewhare Harawira was a popular New Zealand-based activist who had done plenty of work in the favor of mankind and therefore, was holding a great fan following among everyone especially those, who know her personally. She turned activist in 1970 when she had decided to do something for the society and approx 50-55 years she remained an activist while ruling the hearts of her close ones. Even, She was part of a small group that formed the Waitangi Action Committee in 1979, now, unluckily no more among us as her departure took place on Tuesday, 24th of January 2023.

As soon as the news is getting circulated on social networking sites and her close ones and admirers are hit with the news their shocking reactions commenced occupying social media, especially Twitter. Thousands of her admirers are paying tribute to her while expressing their deep sorrow as nothing is more painful than seeing the departure of someone our close, especially a legend. Therefore, a wave of immense reaction flood took place on social media, which indicates how popular she was among her admirers. So we will also pray may her soul rest in peace in heaven (RIP Titewhai Harawira).

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