Lisa Vanderpump “paid” Raquel for an affair

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Lisa Vanderpump ‘paid’ Raquel to have affair

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Teddy Mellencamp believes her former friend and co-star Lisa Vanderpump orchestrated Scandoval to boost ratings for Vanderpump Rules.

“She might pay Raquel [Leviss] Do it,” Mellenkamp, ​​41, said of her recently revealed romance with the movie’s star, Tom Sandoval, on the SUR server.

Former Bravolebrity in An episode of Melissa Gorgi’s “On Display” podcast This was recorded before Vanderpump appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” on March 8 to discuss the scandal.

Neither Vanderpump nor Leviss responded to Page Six’s requests for comment.

Teddy Mellencamp poses for a photo.
Teddi Mellencamp thinks Lisa Vanderpump “paid” Raquel Levis to have an affair with Tom Sandoval.
Instagram / @teddimellencamp
Lisa Vanderpump smiles at the party.
Mellencamp suggests that Vanderpump orchestrated “Scandoval” to boost ratings for “Vanderpump Rules”.
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Mellencamp further claimed that the only reason Andy Cohen invited Vanderpump, 62, to be his late-night talk show guest after such a long hiatus was because “until now no one cared” .

The fitness mogul also predicted that the owner of “Pump Rules” – who has been in a relationship with Ariana Madix for almost 10 years and who secretly has a relationship with Leigh – will back Sandoval. Weiss had an affair — because he felt Vanderpump was “always on the man’s side.”

“She’d say the same things I’d say, like, ‘Listen, [Sandoval and Madix] It’s been a long time since they’ve been to a good place. His needs were not being met. [Sandoval and Leviss] fall in love with. They can’t help it,” Mellencamp, posing as a British restaurateur, told the host, Gorga, 43, and fellow guest Tamra Judge.

Teddi Mellencamp, Lisa Vanderpump, Erika Jayne Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley pose for a photo "Rob Black" exit.
Mellencamp says her former friend and ‘RHOBH’ co-star “want what’s best for me.”
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Tom Sandoval dances with Raquel Levis.
Sandoval’s months-long romance with the film’s star, Levis, recently came to light.
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After the “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Judge, 55, insisted that Vanderpump “wanted the best cast for her,” her “Two T’s in a Pod” co-host replied: “I think she Want the best of yourself.” Best, because I would too. can not you do it? Do you want your show to fail?

The judge noted that the “pump rule” is “currently on the rise,” prompting Mellencamp to reply, “What do I mean, what the hell do I mean [Vanderpump] I think.

She then “guaranteed” Lewis, 28, “to be engaged and pregnant within a year.”

Ariana Madix poses on a balcony.
Ariana Madix dumped her boyfriend of nearly 10 years after she found a pornographic video of Leviss on his phone.
Arena Madix/Instagram

While Vanderpump doesn’t necessarily have to defend the 40-year-old Sandoval on “WWHL,” she argues that “it’s not [Sandoval or Leviss] murdered anyone”, noting that “there is too much infidelity in the world”.

She also implored angry fans to reduce their “professed justice”.

“These people live in a public forum, and it’s very difficult,” she said of the participants in the love triangle.

According to Page Six’s coverage of “Scandoval”:

But the OG “Housewife” doesn’t think Sandoval or Levis should “let go” so quickly.

“Condemn their actions, but don’t condemn the people, okay?” she suggested. “All these acts of aggression … have serious consequences. I mean it. I think everyone should be aware of that.”

Brock Davis, Shayna Shea, Ariana Maddix, Tom Sandoval, Andy Cohen, Lisa Vanderpump, James Kennedy, Raquel Levi Stanley poses for a photo with Charlie Burnett "van der pump rule" exit.
“Condemn their actions, but don’t condemn the people,” Vanderpump said in response to the scandal.
NBCU image library via Getty Images

According to Page Six, Madix, 37, dumped Sandoval on March 1 after discovering a sexually explicit video of Levis on his phone, leading to the discovery that the two had been having an “inappropriate relationship for months.” communication”.

The news shocked the Bravoverse and beyond, as cameras quickly returned to capture the effects that were placed in the now-airing 10th season.

“Vanderpump Rules” airs Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. on Bravo.

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