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LASU lists dress codes for students on campus –

Lagos State University (LASU) Ojo authorities have directed all its lecturers to ensure that they do not allow any indecently dressed students into their classrooms.

In a statement, the university’s acting head of the Center for Information, Journalism and Public Relations, Mr Olaniyi Jeariogbe, said the university’s vice-chancellor, Professor Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello, was disturbed by students’ continued disregard for the university’s existing allegations about the way students dress on campus. rules and regulations.

He said the vice-chancellor has informed the provost, department chairs, department chairs, and staff at the main and satellite campuses of the matter, along with lecturers to enforce the dress code.

The university lists 15 ways management considers indecent to students on campus.

They include: wearing sheer dresses, mini and skimpy skirts/dresses, and other clothing that exposes sensitive body parts, especially for women; wearing ragged, dirty, ripped jeans or subliminal obscene messages; wearing “loose”, “Sagging”, “yansh”, “ass level” and any other form of indecent pants; wearing tight clothing such as shirts and tops with obscene, obnoxious or attractive words printed on them.

Also includes wearing shirts with no buttons or improperly buttoned, and rolled up sleeves or collars; wearing fez hats or completely covering the face (with dark glasses); body piercings and tattoos; male students wearing earrings, necklaces; students wearing nose rings And very large dangling earrings and necklaces.

Others wear distracting stilettos to lecture halls and libraries; boys braid, weave or tie their hair; wear flip flops; messy, unkempt, wildly fake or colored artificial hair, brightly colored hair/eyelashes/brown , fixing of long eyelashes, faux braids and fixing of long nails.

The university said it was socially acceptable for every student to dress simply, appropriately and behave appropriately, insisting that any student breaking the rules would not only be allowed into the classroom.

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