LAPD Officer Houston Tipping Beaten To Death During Brutal Training Exercise Video Went viral On Social Media!

According to the latest reports, a 32-year-old Los Angeles Police Department officer has died. Since news of his passing surfaced online, social media has been flooded with condolences and the reasons for what happened to him. An officer was reportedly “beaten to death” while performing drills during training “to mimic a mob attack,” according to reports. The Los Angeles department has now been hit with unreasonable death lawsuits. A legal complaint filed by the victim’s mother, Shirley Huffman, alleges that the officer, Houston Tipping, “continued to be hit so badly in the head that he started bleeding” during the training event. . Follow our website for the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

What Happened to Houston Tipping?

What Happened to Houston Tipping?

The 32-year-old broke multiple times in his neck and suffered a “catastrophic spinal wound” that led directly to his death, according to the lawsuit. Many wounds on his body also required stitches. The LAPD said the officer was injured when he “wrestled” with another officer while training. It called Tip’s death a “terrible accident”. No one has been arrested or charged in the death. He was buried last week. Los Angeles Police Department Chief, LAPD Chief Michelle Moore and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti attended the LAPD’s 5-year veteran’s funeral.

Video of LAPD officer Houston tip being beaten to death

Two days after his last ceremony, his mother lodged a police report against the city, blaming it for unjustified killings, beatings and assaults, and violations of civil rights. Moore knelt before his parents tipped and folded the American flag at his final ceremony. Hoffman said, “Chief Moore said Officer Tippin was impressed with his squinting…it was not enough to prevent other officers from harming him and assassinating him apparently in terms of civil rights and wrongdoing.” According to Hoffman , the practice performed while training resulted in the tip being “already requested” to die before.

Hoffman’s attorney, Bradley Gage, asserted that the allegations in the legal action were based solely on interviews organized with bystanders and people with knowledge of the entire situation. Hoffman’s claim calls for special financial compensation from the city. The LAPD has launched an investigation into the incident, which said it hopes to determine “whether there should be any necessary altercation” to prevent such incidents in the future. Keep following us for more news.

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