Lance Reddick was talking about Michael K. Williams the day before he died

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Lance Reddick Talks About Michael K. Williams The Day Before His Death

The day before Lance Reddick’s sudden departure, he made some startling comments about his late “The Wire” co-star Michael K. Williams.

Redick was found dead of “natural causes” at his home in Studio City, California, on Friday, according to his representative. He is 60 years old.

Meanwhile, at age 54, Williams fatal overdose In his New York apartment in September 2021.

“I couldn’t believe it. I mean, when we were at The Wire, I knew what he was struggling with. [addiction]. I only know because he told me. – Redick With Radio Andy’s Bevy Smith Thursday.

Lance Reddick at the 2019 IMDb event
The day before Michael K. Williams died suddenly, Lance Reddick made some startling comments about his passing.
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Lance Reddick as Agent Phillip Broyles "bangs" Season 5
“believe [Williams] He was battling drugs, and he died suddenly, and that’s how he died, and it shocked me,” Redick said Thursday.
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Lance Reddick (Lance Reddick) and Michael K. Williams (Michael K. Williams) pose for a photo
The cast starred together in The Wire.
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“But to be honest, Michael and I didn’t keep in touch,” he continued. “So because of his career trajectory, I never thought it was going on.”

Redick said the “last time” he saw Williams was in February 2020 at the American Black Film Festival, where the HBO series they filmed in Baltimore — from 2002 to 2008 — Won the Best Classic TV Series Award.

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“Except for the gray and gray in the beard, I mean, he still looks like he’s 30,” the “John Wick” star told host Smith, adding that he remembers thinking, “This guy is eating What? Because I want some.

“So the idea that he was battling drugs and he died suddenly, that he died just like that, it shocked me.”

Michael K. Williams at the Television Critics Association Winter 2017 Press Conference
Williams died of an overdose in September 2021.
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Lance Reddick in 2014 for a portrait.
The John Wick star was found dead of “natural causes” at her California home on Friday.
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Although the actors “don’t work together very often,” Redick said he and Williams “spent enough time” to let him know that “he’s such a real person.”

“One more thing,” he said, “when I felt like my career was in trouble after The Wire, I called him and he helped me. And don’t forget it.

Redick is survived by his second wife, Stephanie, and his two children with his late first wife, Suzanne: daughter Yvonne and son Christopher.

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