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Kogi’s letter to the Ohinoyi –

Last week, the Kogi state government questioned the state’s most important traditional ruler, Ohiinoyi Alhaji Ado Ibrahim of Ebilaran, to explain his absence from public events attended by President Muhammadu Buhari. reason. The letter, dated January 5, 2023 and written by chiefs affairs chief Enimola Eniola on behalf of local government and chiefs affairs commissioner Abdulsalam Deedat, criticized the 94-year-old king for “acting in a manner very disproportionate to a respected man. “Royal Father”, i.e. in his absence “Mr. President of the Nigerian Armed Forces and His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari, Commander-in-Chief (GCFR) to Okene on December 29, 2022 for the commissioned landmark A meaningful project Our dear Governor, His Excellency Alhaji Yayaha Bello. The letter accuses Ohinoyi of “choosing to despise the office of executive governor … disrespectful in the presence of Nigeria’s number one citizen”. Agency sets poor priorities (sic)”, “poses serious threat to national security”.

In response, the traditional ruler said he had not received an official letter informing him of President Buhari’s visit to the state, claiming that the governor, whom he had not seen for some time, appointed someone he (Ohinoyi) did not know to represent him Read the welcome speech that was not approved by him during the visit. Ohinoyi described the allegation that he deliberately refused to welcome President Buhari during the aforementioned visit as “unfair to his mature age and experience,” blaming his absence from the ceremony on a lack of proper government briefings, though he noted that that morning, the bomb exploded in Three lives were claimed near his palace. Recalling that the incident “resulted in the loss of innocent Ebira people, massive damage to my palace, and hatred in my domain,” Ohinoyi added that at around 8.15 am on December 29, 2022, he received a An unofficial copy of the President’s plans indicates that he (the President) intends to inaugurate Ohinoyi’s palace at 10:10 am. The observation, he said, “suggests that Mr. President will inaugurate another palace than my present one, where I have lived since my coronation.”

If Kogi’s letter is indicative, it is that there must be some disagreement between the state government and traditional rulers. Even so, we found the letter condescending and provocative. Purportedly written to elicit a defence, it says “when a panel is formed to study your case, you may be asked to give an oral explanation”, indicating that the government is determined that Ohinoyi will never give a satisfactory explanation Because he was absent from the mentioned event. No wonder the state government rejected the said reply and declared it in a letter from the Commissioner for Local Government and Chiefs Affairs, which was titled “Not Relating to Recognized Law”.

To be sure, we are fully aware of the place of decorum and respect in government affairs. This has earned the hallmark and recognition of hierarchy and due process all over the world. In the present case, there should be an agreement between the Government and Ohinoyi regarding the manner and nature of the arrangements for the President’s reception, especially when he visits the Ohinoyi territory. It is also our position, however, that Nigerian etiquette practices have become so flattering that they have turned normally neutral demands for politeness into flattery, if not adoration, of officials and bureaucracy. For example, it is deeply disturbing that nearly all government officials welcome the president and governors at every official event. It is in this regard that we believe that while the Kogi state government can indeed have reservations about Ohinoyi not joining the President’s welcome train, this is an issue that should be handled by the governor himself, unlike the traditional placement of the respected Ohionyi, while Not through a formal letter of inquiry signed by the director of the State Department of Local Government and Chiefs Affairs.

The disagreement between the state government and Ohinoyi has been handled less than noblely to say the least and we urge the government to quickly withdraw the said letter and the Governor should then contact him to resolve the matter. Whatever challenges Nigeria continues to grapple with, the traditional system remains the history of the people and the epitome of culture, nothing should be done to subject the system to open or covert public ridicule by the government. We therefore seek a more nuanced process for resolving disagreements without affecting what must be responsible for it in the first place. While we recommend that traditional rulers, as guardians of culture, maintain good relations with politicians and bureaucrats in general, we urge that nothing be done to disrupt the ancient traditions represented by respected traditional institutions such as the Ohinoyi. If the government handles its relationship with the stool and vice versa in a decent manner, it will ultimately benefit Nigerian society.

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