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Know Loren “Lo” Jordan Boyfriend, Net Worth, West Baddies

fans of bad girl Know Loren “Lo” Jordan and her wild ways.Well, thankfully, the self-proclaimed ultimate “Turn Up” party girl is now a member of the “Baddies” west badass.

Read on to learn more about Loren “Lo” Jordan Bio.

Loren “Lo” Jordan On Baddies West

The most anticipated Zeus Network’s bad guy The franchise is here, and this time the “bad guy” is in the west.Therefore, the name west badass. Natalie Nunn, Rollie and pals head back to LA, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland and Oakland, and naturally, some newcomers, including Loren “Lo” Jordan.

but for bad girl The name Loren “Lo” Jordan is nothing new, fans, as she’s already graced the show’s 12th season.

Luo is a wild southern girl who is fine with guys, but her behavior around girls is completely different. “Loren is spoiled, with luxurious taste and style matched by her attitude,” she said. bad girl biological reading.

So if she brings the same attitude to west badasssign me up for this season!

As the star puts it, she’s bringing “neckline green, cornbread, country, ass cheer to the West Coast,” admitting she’s “friendly, but she won’t say no.”So, she knows “bi*ches will try to face [her] Because they want some influence, they want a lot of attention. ’ Thanks to that, she’s glad she didn’t have to do much. “I just showed up. On business, I leave with my bag,” she added.

Joining Lo this season are other newcomers – Razor, Biggie, Suzanne “Stunna Girl” Brown, Dj “Sky High Baby”, Tommie Lee and Catya “Cat” Washington.

It’s a shame that bad guys like Annie Moore, Jerra, and Slim won’t be there.

What is the Net Worth of Loren “Lo” Jordan?

Loren “Lo” Jordan boasts a net worth of over $600,000 in 2023.

She is a model, entrepreneur and Onlyfans star who started her career at a young age. Initially, Lo began modeling fashion shows for outfitter D’Maries, and went on to work for Mobile Arts Counsel/Fashion Exhibit, JBD Productions/Photoshoot, XXL Entertainment and more.

In 2014, Luo appeared again in bad girl, Soon her popularity exploded.

Since then, riding the wave of her popularity, she has continued to open her own up-and-coming label, Britley Brands LLC Early 2022. “Your business and brand goals are within reach! Believe that you will get where you want to go, little by little, step by step, you will definitely get there,” Lo assured her clients on her IG @britley brand

On top of that, Lo is making money selling some products like tea, coffee, NRG, etc. online for $59.95.

As for her education, Luo majored in business administration and finance and minored in marketing. Texas Southern University Year 2014.

trivia: Lo’s hobbies include traveling abroad, shopping and fashion.

Does Loren “Lo” Jordan have a boyfriend?

Loren “Lo” Jordan, who doesn’t have a boyfriend at the end of 2021, says she won’t tell anyone who she’s dating, even if she is.

However, as much as Lo likes to shut up about her boos, she revealed that she wants an insecure guy because she hates feeling tied down. “I love being able to do something fun and spontaneous with my friends and then come back to a calm and loving environment,” she explained.

Plus, she added, “I would never let a relationship stress me out! I have so many legend options, why would I”

Fun fact: In September 2022, Lo joked that her boyfriend gave her a lot of money, which made her wonder if she needed to drink 5 more times.

Loren “Ro” Jordan Era

Loren “Lo” Jordan turns 33 in 2023.

Her real name is “Loren Britley Jordan”.

Loren “Ro” Jordan Height

Lo is over 5’4″ (162cm) tall.

Her body measurements are – Bust: 34″, Waist: 22″, Hips: 32″.

Referring to her distinctive features, Lo has brown eyes, a triangular face and a fit body.

Did Loren “Lo” Jordan Get Plastic Surgery?

Yes, Luo had plastic surgery. She got one of these in early 2015 and has continued to get more over the years.

As recently as September 2020, she tweeted: “I can’t believe I’ve been working since my surgery! My janitor is going to withhold my phone until I take a break. Big thanks to everyone who takes the time to reach out  And the ones who send me those beautiful messages and prayers.” Meaning, she had just had surgery at the time as well.

Loren “Ro” Jordan Family

Luo comes from a family of at least five people.

Her mother, Erica J Jordan, is a John L Leflore graduate. She turns 51 in March 2022.

As for her dad, Lo said he was “the coolest dad in the world.” On his birthday in 2018, which is August 15th, Lo even shared a photo with him on her Twitter with the caption: “Happy birthday to my amazing dad and best friend! Thanks You’ve been there for me even when you can’t be there in person! You’ve spoiled me, but you’ve also taught me how to get out there and get it for myself! I’m forever grateful for your love and guidance!”

Now, speaking of her siblings, Lo’s two sisters — Lexis Brianna (born November 1994) and Ashtyn Williams — are just as beautiful as she is.

In fact, Ashtyn has over 21.8K followers on her IG @ashtin william.

Related FAQs

  • Where is Loren “Lo” Jordan from?

Lo is from Mobile, Alabama.

  • Is Loren “Lo” Jordan on Instagram?

Find her on Instagram @lo_london.

Also, here’s her Twitter @LO_LondonFacebook @Londonand [email protected]London.

  • When is Loren “Lo” Jordan’s birthday?

Lo received her birthday wishes on October 25th and she is a Scorpio.

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