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Kevin De Bruyne’s Former Team-mate Claims Belgium Players Should Be ‘fuming’ At Him

Pablo Zabaleta slams Kevin De Bruyne and insist that the rest Belgium The team should be furious with the midfielder.

De Bruyne claims Red Devils have ‘no chance’ of winning title world cup This year before the game against Morocco.This manchester city The star insists his country have missed out on winning football’s biggest tournament because of their aging squad

Belgium continued to lose to Morocco, It’s a major blow as they look to progress to the last 16 in Qatar. Roberto Martinez’s side are now third in Group F and must beat Croatia to advance, although De Bruyne has admitted he does not believe they can win the game.

“No chance, we’re too old. I think our chance is 2018. We have a good team, but it’s getting old. We’ve lost some key players. We’ve got some good new players coming in, but they Not at the level of the other players in 2018. I think we are more of an outsider,” he told the Guardian.

The comments left Zabaleta so angry that he has now lashed out at his former City team-mate. The Argentine believes that De Bruyne’s remarks have affected the mentality of the Belgian team.

“When you have some of the best players come in and say, ‘We don’t have a chance at this World Cup, the team is too old’, it affects the mentality of this team. No passion, no fire,” He says bbc sports.

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Pablo Zabaleta slams Kevin De Bruyne comments



“It’s really sad to see that group of players not playing for their country. My biggest concern with Belgium is the players saying we’re not the team we used to be. That’s not the mentality you bring into the World Cup.

“They still have enough good players to win and beat anybody. If I were one of the senior players here, I’d be pissed. Maybe they’re playing mind games. They have two or three players who aren’t young, but they It’s the rest of the team.”

Zabaleta then pointed to Belgium’s rivals in Group F leaders Croatia and South American side Uruguay as a way to push back against De Bruyne further. Compared with those teams, Belgium’s squad is actually not too old, he insists.

“Compared to Croatia or Uruguay, I don’t hear them complain about the aging of the squad. It’s not quality. They still have enough good players, but if you complain about all these things, it’s very difficult,” Zabaleta added road.

“It’s not the right mentality. 31, 32, old in football? Look at Croatia, Modric at 37, Perisic, Lovren. I mean Uruguay, Suarez, Godin, Caceres, back then I didn’t see them complaining about ‘we’re an old team, we’re an aging team’ and so on.

“No, that’s not the right mentality, I think that’s the main problem with Belgium. It’s not about quality because I think they still have good enough players to beat anybody in this World Cup, but of course if you’re already in the Complaining about all these things and not doing it right, that’s going to be very hard for them.”

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