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Kelly Clarkson issued a restraining order against two alleged stalkers

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Kelly Clarkson Issues Restraining Orders Against Two Alleged Stalkers

Kelly Clarkson can sleep more peacefully tonight.

On Thursday, the Grammy winner was granted permanent restraining orders against two alleged stalkers. TMZ reports.

For the next five years, Victor Fernandez and Hugate Nicole Young were banned from spending time with Clarkson and her children, daughters River, 8, and 6, according to the agency. son Remington had any contact.

In addition, Fernandez and Young are reportedly required to keep a distance of at least 100 meters from their families.

The perpetrator allegedly showed up at the Los Angeles home of the season one winner of “American Idol” multiple times and caused a riot.

Kelly Clarkson poses in front of a tree.
Victor Fernandez and Huguette Nicole Young were reportedly banned from having any contact with Clarkson or her children for the next five years.
Instagram/Kelly Clarkson

According to TMZ, Fernandez allegedly showed up at Clarkson’s mansion three times on Thanksgiving 2022.

The singer’s security chief, Michael Lopez, claims that the first time Fernandez arrived in a pickup truck, he allegedly peeked through Clarkson’s gate and stared into her yard.

Lopez claimed Fernandez returned home twice more, once in the same semi truck and later on foot, and on that occasion he allegedly rang the doorbell and said he was visiting the singer.

Kelly Clarkson poses with her hands on her hips.
The alleged perpetrator must keep at least 100 meters away from the singer and her family.
Instagram/Kelly Clarkson

Fernandez allegedly returned on foot on Dec. 3, looking “annoyed and confused,” and told staff that Clarkson directed him to meet her there.

“This is the second time she’s done this … unless I’m talking to a liar or something,” he allegedly said during the meeting.

Lopez also claimed Fernandez photographed the car the singer’s nanny was driving with the children.

Kelly Clarkson sitting on a chair "voice."
Fernandez and Young allegedly showed up at Clarkson’s home multiple times and caused a stir.
NBCU image library via Getty Images

In Yang’s case, she allegedly visited the Clarksons’ home nearly 20 times over the past few years.

Lopez claimed Young left gifts and other items at Clarkson’s front door, while a former “Voice” judge claimed Young had been sending her fan letters since 2009.

Representatives for Clarkson did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

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