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Kelly Brook Stated That She Has No Desire For Marriage Or Children

Kelly Brook is a British model, actor and media personality, best known as Jason Statham’s ex-girlfriend. Brooke’s modeling career began at the age of 16, when she won a beauty pageant and became involved in many commercial ventures before becoming the third page girl of the Daily Star tabloid. In addition to this, she has also acted in many films and British TV shows.

Quick Facts

full name Kelly Brook
name Kelly
surname creek
Profession celebrity ex-girlfriends
Country of Citizenship English
city ​​of birth Rochester
country of birth U.K.
father’s name Kenneth Parsons
mother’s name Sandra Parsons
gender identity female
sexual orientation straight
Horoscope Sagittarius
marital status relation
relationship with Jason Statham, Jeremy Parisi
net worth 10000000
brothers and sisters Sasha Parsons, Damian Parsons
high 168 cm
net worth $10 million
date of birth November 23, 1979
age 42 years old

According to her, Statham was thin when he was dating him

Brooke started dating Statham in 1998 and ended their relationship in 2004. She was only 18 when she first met him. The two even got engaged, but it wasn’t meant to be. When her ex-boyfriend Statham’s name was mentioned on Ashley Robert’s Heart Radio, calling him a millionaire action hero, supermodel fiancée and star of one of the world’s biggest franchises, she Interrupted her in the middle and told him to stop saying things you didn’t want to hear about your ex. Later, she jokingly put the pistol on her head and said he was broke while she was there, pleading with Asley to believe her.

she dated after statin

Brooke quickly began her life, dating American actor Billy Zane, whom she met while filming Survival Island in Eleuthera, Bahamas. They planned to marry in mid-2008, but Brooke’s father died in 2007. After announcing their split in April 2008, the two temporarily reconnected before announcing their split in August 2008. She then dated rugby player Danny Cipriani for two years before resigning in 2010 after announcing their split. After the split, she started dating another rugby player, Tom Evans, with whom she had tried to have a baby but had two miscarriages.

Kelly Brook

She announced her split from Evans in 2013, before starting a new relationship in 2014 with actor and fitness model David McIntosh, who asked her to be his fiancée 12 weeks later, however, the relationship It didn’t last longer than 9 months.

She is trying to have a baby.

In Loose Women, Brooke discusses being criticized for not having children. She said she was often asked when she was going to have a baby, to which she had to respond again, not because she didn’t try to have a baby, but because she was unlucky. She felt this way after multiple miscarriages, and others began to suspect that there might be a medical explanation for not having a baby before interrogating her.

She is in a relationship with her boyfriend.

After several failed relationships, Brooke started dating French model Jeremy Parisi in 2015. The two are still together. She even admitted to proposing to Jeremy while on vacation, which Jeremy turned down. She went on to say that the plan was not taken seriously at the time. Brooke currently has no intention of getting engaged or married.

why she is unmarried

Brooke claims she was on the verge of getting married and having a baby when the loving father she was no longer with us had lung cancer. Her entire focus then shifted from preparing for the wedding to caring for her ailing father. As she got older, she understood that it wasn’t everything.

Kelly Brook

She said she had a list of things to get done, and as an adult she had no romantic thoughts about walking down the aisle in a white gown. She enjoys her freedom for the time being. In another interview, she mentioned that marriage and children are not things she wants in life, but she does want to travel, be with a partner, work and be independent. She enjoys doing many activities that she thinks marriage and children will prevent her from doing. She went on to point out that marriage is not currently on her radar.

net worth

Brooke is a stunning model who landed huge endorsement deals after appearing in prestigious publications such as Playboy, FHM and Loaded, and was crowned FHM’s Most Beautiful Woman in the World in 2005. She now has an incredible net worth of $10 million.

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