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Kanak Khatri Age, Height, Net Worth, Family, Career, Weight,

Kanak Khatri is a well-known Instagram star, content creator, model and social media influencer. She is known for sharing her beautiful and glamorous lip sync videos. She has also gained popularity on different social media platforms. Kanak is known for making scrolls on Instagram. She is also known for sharing her performance and dance videos on various social media platforms. Kanak is often active on different social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, snap chat and other popular reel making platforms.

Kanak Khatri Wiki / Bio

Karnak is a famous Indian-born social media star who holds Indian nationality. Kanak went to a local high school for a secondary education. Details about her education and other qualifications are not available. She is a talented and hard-working girl who has accumulated fame since childhood. When it comes to her hobbies, these are dancing, modeling, acting, making reels and traveling. She also enjoys taking pictures and playing guitar.

In this article, we discuss more about her biography, family career age, and personal life. If you want to know more details about her biography and life, please get in touch with this article.

Name Karnak Carter
place of birth India
Country of Citizenship Indian
date of birth unknown
Profession Digital creator, Instagram star
karnak katri era
karnak katri era

kanakkatri era

According to her date of birth, Kanak Khatri’s age cannot be found on the Internet. She has never shared information about her biography, age and date of birth. We are searching for additional information about his age and date of birth. All details about her age and date of birth will be updated on this page.

Kanak Katri height and weight

Talking about her appearance, Kanak Khatri is about 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs about 56 kg. She has an average height and average weight. She has beautiful dark eyes and dark brown hair. Karnak does yoga to keep fit.

Karnak Carter's career
Karnak Carter’s career

Karnak Carter’s career

Kanak is a popular social media influencer who started her career on different social media platforms. She started gaining popularity on her Instagram account, where Kanak also built her notoriety by sharing her gorgeous and glamorous lip-sync videos. When it comes to his instagram posts, she mostly shares her dancing, acting and modeling content.

Kanak even shared her glamorous and beautiful photos. In addition to this, Kanak shares her family photos, travels, vlogs, and everyday life. As of 2022, she has gained over 146K followers.

Currently, Kanak is working on her upcoming videos and content. She’s elevating herself to a superstar. Kanak has always wanted to be an actor and a model. Currently, she is working hard to realize her dream.

Kanak Katri height
Kanak Katri height

Kanak Khatri Family / Siblings / Parents

There is no accurate information about her family and relatives. We do not have accurate information about her family and relatives. Her father’s name and her mother’s name were not found on the Internet. We have no information about her siblings and other relatives. We are currently searching for information on her family and relatives. All information about her family and relatives will be updated on this page soon.

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Kanak Khatri Boyfriend / Husband / Relationship

She is currently unmarried and we have no information about her relationships and married life. She has been hiding her personal life from her fans and followers. She has never shared information about her relationships and married life. Like another star, she is more conservative about her private life than the media.

We are looking for more information about her love and relationships. All information about her married life and relationship will be updated on this page soon.

Kanak Khatri with her father
Kanak Khatri with her father.

Karnak Kartari Net Worth

Kanak Khatri’s net worth is approximately 2 million rupees. The main sources of income are dance, model choreography, advertising and social media platforms. She has participated in many dance competitions and her main source of income is dancing and choreography.

Kanak is regularly active on different social media platforms and has amassed over one million fans and followers. Arguably, Kanak’s other main sources of income are different social media platforms.

net worth 2 million rupees Dollar
Kanak Khatri and her friends
Kanak Khatri and her friends

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Kanakhartree Facts

  • Kanak Khatri is an exceptional digital creator and Instagram star
  • She has gained thousands of followers on Instagram.
  • As of 2022, Kanak Khatri has gained over 146K followers.
  • She looks so handsome and charming.
  • Kanak Khatri is an animal lover and she has a pet dog.
  • She has beautiful black eyes.
  • She likes to travel.
  • Kanak Khatri loves to share her travel vlogs with her fans and followers,
Kanakhartree Net Worth
Kanakhartree Net Worth

Karnak Katri social media

favorite things

favourite colour red, blue, green and black
favorite destination India, Dubai, USA and Bhutan
favorite actor Ranveer Kapoor
favorite actress Natalia Portman
favourite sport Football and Cricket
favorite athlete Modoni


  • Does Kanak Khatri drink alcohol?
  • Do not.
  • Can she cook?
  • Yes.
  • Does Kanak Khatri go to the gym?
  • Yes.
  • She, Smoke?
  • Do not.
  • Can she drive?
  • Yes.
  • Can Kanak Khatri swim?
  • Yes.
  • Is he a yoga practitioner?
  • Yes.


What is the age of Kanak Khatri?

The age of Kanak Khatri is unknown (as of 2022).

When is Kanak Khatri’s birthday?

Kanak Khatri’s birthday is unknown.

How tall is Kanak Katri?

Kanak Khatri is 5 feet 2 inches tall.

Where does Kanakhartree come from?

Kanak Khatri is from India.

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