Kak Long Hina Oku Video Goes Viral On Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and, YouTube

WATCH: Kak Long Hina Oku Video Goes Viral On Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and, YouTube: Since social media has grow to be a brand new platform to get employment and fame, 1000’s of individuals have began striving to get fame. And the best technique to get into the limelight is to add a video of your personal. And since then, many movies are uploaded and shared on daily basis. Out of those movies, some begin trending on the internet and draw the eye of netizens, some movies get an appreciation and a few get backlashes. One such video is at present making rounds and receiving outrage from the customers of social media. Even previous to the problem of “Kak Long 7E” being invited as a visitor within the Al-Hijrah program subsided, the newest woman is said to have as soon as once more sparked controversy. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kak Long Hina Oku Video

Kak Long Hina Oku Video

Through an infectious video on the Facebook web page, Kak Long 7E or actual identify Wan Nor Baizura is watched to have proposed the habits of individuals with disabilities that she uploaded earlier. The 30-second lengthy video was not solely considered by 1000’s of watchers but in addition rained down with many feedback condemning her actions. In truth, some argue that Baizura has but to repent of the earlier incident following posting such sort of video.

Earlier, the information outlet reported that Al-Hijrah bought a number of criticisms from the general public after the image of Baizura with Pencetus Ummah (PU) Isfadiah and Amin was believed to have succeeded in this system. Though, Al-Hijrah determined to postpone this system for some time.

Kak Long Hina Oku Video Explained

The Terengganu Personnel Development Association (POKUAT) which has 600 members lodged a police grievance in opposition to Kak Long 7E for reportedly mocking the disabled (OKU). The report in opposition to Kak Long 7E was made by Pokuat President, Fakhruddin Zakaria on the Kuala Terengganu District Police Headquarters at round 09:30 AM on Thursday (seventeenth March 2022).

As per Fakhruddin, the act of Kak Long 7E of insulting the disabled by performing the gestures and facial expressions in a video on the Facebook web page of Wan Noor Baizura was recognized after getting a notification from friends by WhatsApp on the 14th of March 2022.

He mentioned on Thursday that “This police complaint was made so that the lady is aware that the act of insulting or mocking and ridiculing OKU is furious and hurts the hearts and sentiments of all OKU. Her insensitive actions with the feelings of the disabled have provoked in furious when we are insulted by the people who simply want to increase their popularity and fame.”

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