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Juliana Miller ‘Kind of Terrified’ To Be Fighting In The UFC With Lack Of Experience

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Juliana Miller, who will study and work during her UFC career, is a little worried.

Miller (3-1) became the ultimate fighter for UFC Las Vegas’ 59-30 season when she elbowed finalist Brogan Walker in the third round.

Miller is the youngest fighter in season 30 ultimate warrior, but she does stand out for her outgoing and wild personality. While her character is funny and will either annoy fans the wrong way or make her a fan favorite, she’s inexperienced.

“Killer” Miller has been fighting since 2017 and is undefeated as an amateur; however, she has only four professional fights. (Technically, if you count her fights on the show, she has six, but unfortunately they’re considered show fights).

The 26-year-old candidly admits that she is terrified of fighting in the UFC due to her inexperience.

“Well, if I’m being completely honest, yeah, I’m a little scared,” Miller told Cageside Press in her post-fight interview at UFC Vegas 59. “A lot of guys have the opportunity to start slowly and build up the fight at the lower level. A lot of girls come here with 5, 6, 7-0 and I’m not. I’m 3-1 now. I know it says I’m in It was three plus one on the way to get there, but actually, on my professional thesis, it was 2-1; now I’ve won my 3-1.”

“So it was a little nerve-wracking. But honestly, fans care more about your acting skills and your personality than your records. So I knew that as soon as I stepped into that cage and I started performing, I wasn’t going anywhere. So, Yes, it’s a little nerve-wracking, but I’m so happy to finally have a platform where I can have my voice and, you know, love me or hate me, have a lot of eyes.”

Watch the rest of Juliana Miller’s post-fight interview at UFC Vegas 59 above.


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