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Juliana Miller Caps Off Win Over Brogan Walker with DX Chop, TUF Trophy

Brogan Walker and Juliana Miller, UFC Vegas 59 Weigh In Credit: Alex Behunin/Cageside Press

If there is a breakthrough star ultimate warrior 30, Arguably the women’s flyweight Juliana Miller.

Between her personality and her brief feud with Bobby Maximus, “Juju” has made herself a name to watch — if won in Saturday’s TUF 30 final against Brogan Walker at UFC Las Vegas 59 All this words.

Walker is a veteran of Invicta FC and has a big advantage over Miller in terms of experience. Miller made sure it didn’t matter.

The fight begins without touching the gloves. Miller threw a barrage of punches, forcing Walker to his feet. Miller used a trip to outlaw it. In her world, Miller controls the top landing punches. Miller did enough at the top to avoid the referee standing up. Walker had been using her legs to make a handrail, but her back didn’t answer or approach her feet.

In the second round, Miller’s jab tied. Walker gets some nice kicks and a brief punch combo. Walker made the mistake of fighting Miller, who was eliminated. Walker grabbed the ball with a heel hook, but Miller grabbed it back with a big move. Miller lets the RNC join, but Walker survives and turns to Miller, and the fight resumes. Once again, Walker reunited with Miller, who was knocked out again. Miller ended the round with a landing pad and pounder.

In the final round, both sides exchanged some uppercuts and jabs to start the round. A nice jab from Miller hit Walker in the back of the head. Walker left a big overhand, but once again competed with Miller. Not surprisingly, Miller’s trip was canceled. Miller landed directly on the mount with his elbows down. She didn’t loosen the ground and slammed before the referee stepped in and stopped the fight.

When she dismounted, Miller added a DX cut and Walker’s shove, still full fire. She also earned the title of Ultimate Fighter, taking home the trophy and UFC contract.

Official result: Julianna Miller def. Brogan Walker by TKO (ground and pounds), round 3, 3:57


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