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Joseph Gordon-Levitt- Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Career

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an accomplished actor and director. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has appeared in many films both as a child actor and as a lead actor.

Quick Facts

full name: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Birthday: February 17, 1981
age: 41 years old
gender: male
Profession: Actor, Director, Producer
high: 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters)
wife Tasha Macaulay
Married Tasha Macaulay (2014)
break up Megan Bennett, Devon Aoki, Alexandra Nicole Hume, Meagan Good, Julia Stiles and Larissa Olenik
net worth $35 million
Country of Citizenship American
Race Ashkenazi Jews
educate Columbia University School of General Education Van Nuys High School
Father dennis levitt
Mother jane gordon
brothers and sisters Daniel Gordon-Levitt

Tom Hiddleston Biography

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Born February 17, 1981 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Age 41 by 2022. His father is Dennis Levitt and his mother is Jane Gordon. He also has a brother named Daniel Gordon-Levitt. According to astrology, his zodiac sign is Aquarius. He is of American descent and a Christian. He is also Caucasian.

In terms of education, he graduated from Vans Nuys High School. He also received a master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of Liberal Studies.

Tom Hiddleston height and weight

Leavitt is a unique individual. The actor and director are approximately 5’9″. He is also 70kg. Additionally, he has dark brown eyes and black hair. Though he hasn’t published full-body measurements on any website yet.


Joseph Gordon Levitt He has made a name for himself as a brilliant actor, director and filmmaker. He has always had a keen interest in acting and other types of entertainment. He also worked as a child artist in the TV movie “Strangers in My Land”. He is also a well-known children’s artist who has appeared in numerous commercials, TV movies and series.

Beethoven, A River Runs Through It, A Holy Marriage, Roadflower, Angels in the Outfield, etc. are some of the films he made as a child artist. He is notorious for playing Tommy Solomon on the TV series “The Third Rock From the Sun”.

His other film credits include Beethoven, A River Runs Through It, Holy Marriage, Roadflower, Angels in the Outfield, Sweet Jane, Juryman, Mania, The Last Days, Bricks, Havoc, Shadowboxer, The Lookout, Killshot , Hesher, Premium Rush, Lincoln, Don Jon and others.

His television credits include Strangers in My Land, Family Ties, Murder, What She Wrote, Change, Plymouth, China Beach, Quantum Leap, Los Angeles The Law, Roseanne, The Third Rock From The Sun, The ’70s Show, Numbe3rs and more.

He also directed his first short film, Sparks, at the age of 24. Morgan M. Morgenson’s Destiny’s Date, Morgan and Fate’s 11th Date: Led Zeppelin Zoo, Don Jon, etc. are all his famous directorial works.

Tom Hiddleston Net Worth in 2022

Joseph Gordon Levitt Lived a prosperous life with his family. For his success as an actor, director and filmmaker. Additionally, his entire net worth is estimated to be around $35 million as of 2021.

tom hiddleston wife marriage

Joseph Gordon Levitt married. He married Tasha McCauley in 2014. He is also a childless father. Other than that, he never had sex with anyone else. Plus, he’s open about his gender preferences. He also wasn’t involved in any of the incidents in question.
Gordon-Levitt, Joseph

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