Jonny Clayton leaves his job as a plasterer to win the Premier League of Darts and a £315,000 jackpot.

JONNY CLAYTON has retired his plastering trowel in the hopes of winning a massive £315,000 jackpot tomorrow night.

With four victories, the Welshman won the Premier League Darts league, earning him £40,000.

He will win a whopping £275,000 if he defeats Joe Cullen in the semi-finals this evening in Berlin and then retains the Premier League trophy for the second time.

Clayton, 47, has reached an agreement with Carmarthenshire County Council in principle to leave his job as a plasterer in December and pursue a career as a professional darts player full-time.

“I’ve already taken five months off work this year, and as the Premier League season draws to a close, my time as a plasterer is likely to draw to a close as well,” the Ferret explained.

“My bosses at Carmarthenshire County Council have been extremely accommodating, allowing me to balance my day job with my darts.” Now, however, it’s time for me to repay their generosity.

“I can’t keep going to them for time off, and they can’t keep going out of their way to accommodate one employee.”

“My plan is to continue until December, but after that, I’m going to try to make a living as a professional darts player.”

“The tools will remain in the van after that.” It will be difficult for me to say goodbye to a profession that has supported me throughout my career.


“However, I’ve reached a point where balancing darts and a 9-to-5 job is becoming too difficult.”

In the other best-of-19-leg semi-final, No. 2 seed Michael van Gerwen takes on James Wade.

It comes just two days after the end of the Nordic Darts Masters, which Belgian Dimitri Van den Bergh won.

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