JoJo Siwa plays a pregnant joke on fans with ‘food baby’ announcement

We can confirm that JoJo Siwa isn’t pregnant in 2023, but she’s certainly a talented joker who knows how to keep her followers entertained — and this time, she did it with a “food babe” announcement.

This isn’t the first time the American dancer has been rumored to be pregnant. This has happened on TikTok before, when baseless claims started circulating, prompting the star to suppress them himself.

This time, however, the confusion wasn’t caused by a fake video or social media post, but by Jojo’s belly on Instagram, which wasn’t caused by a baby or pregnancy!

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JoJo Siwa jokes about being pregnant on Instagram

The 19-year-old loves to eat and she doesn’t feel guilty!

JoJo posted a collage of her bare belly to her Instagram Story, showing off her slightly bulging stomach. The photo, showing her lying on her back with one hand under her stomach, was captioned: “Boys or girls team”.

Next to it, however, is a sticker that reads “Food Baby.” Another image in the collage shows her athletic toned tummy, seemingly captured at the gym after a workout.

Apparently, JoJo isn’t pregnant. She just knows how to love good food while staying in shape.

Fans think she will have a baby in 2023

Judging by the chaos engulfing social media, many of her fans don’t seem to realize that JoJo Siwa was just joking in her Instagram post.

They rushed to Twitter to find out if she was actually pregnant in 2023.

Someone Asked: “Is Jojo Siwa Really Pregnant Or Fake”

“Never! Who got JoJo pregnant in 2023?” asked another.

“Please tell me JoJo Siwa is not pregnant. I hope that post is fake,” wrote a third follower.

A fan who knew the joke said: “Y’all need to do your research before you tweet because jojo siwa not pregnant”

Dancer reacts to pregnancy announcement rumors last year

A few months ago, an infamous gossip on TikTok claimed the singer had shared a photo of a positive pregnancy test as part of a Krissed trend, but that wasn’t the case.

Rumors spread like wildfire that she took the stage in person once and for all.

Responding to the rumours, she said: “Apparently I’m pregnant. Omg I love TikTok.”

her brother. Jayden Siwa added: “I want to be an uncle. Please tell me the kids are okay.”

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