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Jim Seal (Born 17 October 1942, Age: 79) is a pop singer, musician and band member from the United States.He is best known as a member of a 70’s rock duo Seal and Croft. He dubbed and scored the band’s most popular songs such as “Summer Breeze” and “Diamond Girl”.

During his musical career, many of his songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s era have remained at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.While working in his duet band, he worked with Darrell George “Darth” Crofts. Both musicians formed their band names by using their surnames in the band name and named it the Seals and Crofts soft rock duo.

Who is Jim Hales? Seals and Crofts Twice Grammy Nominee

Who is Jim Seals Seals and Crofts Twice Grammy Nominee
Jim Seal

Jim Seals is a member of the band Seal and Crofts. He is popular as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. From the 70’s to the 90’s, Jim added a high number to his list of followers through his great music.But sadly, now the legendary singer is no longer among us because he passed away June 6, 2022. Jim Seals’ death was first confirmed by his friend John Ford Coley on his Facebook page. After Jim passed away, he wrote an important message and shared his condolences to his family.

John Ford Coley started with “Wow. Don’t even know where to start. Jimmy Hayles passed away today. I’ve spent most of my musical career with this guy.”

Fans of Jim Seal took to social media to pay tribute to him, announcing that he will be remembered as a music legend. The main reason for Jim’s death was his discharge from a serious illness, and he was only 79 years old when he left his family, fans and the world. When his soul rests, he is at home.

Jim Seals Wiki, Biography (Early Life and Education)

Jim Hales with his father and brother
Jim with his father Welland Seal and brother Dan Seal

After leaving this world, the legendary singer Jim Seal is still not honored by Wikipedia. But we’re here to honor him by sharing his biographical details. Jim is said to have been born in Texas. His birthday was October 17, 1942, and he died of illness at the age of 79. When Jim turned 13, he started playing the saxophone and then joined the local band Crew Cats. He then began his journey to become a successful singer, songwriter and musician.

He met his bandmate Mr. Dash Croft in 1958 while he was touring with musician Dan Beard. But Croft and Seals have known each other since their teens. They bonded with each other in 1958 when they were both invited to join The Champions. After spending seven years with the rest of the band, Jim and Croft finally decided to form their band in 1965.

Jim’s father, Wayland Seals, taught him to play violin tunes, country tunes, hoes, polkas, waltzes and pop songs when he was 6 to 8 years old.

Jim Seals Wiki & Bio (Education, Age, Bio Data)
Jim Seal Wiki

Jim Seals Bio/Wiki (Education, Age, Biodata)

birth name james eugene seals
Name Jim Seal
Nick name Jim, Jimmy
popular Made pop songs in the 70s and performed with his band Seals and Crofts
language English
School hometown school
educate graduate
alma mater State University
Profession Singer, Songwriter, Musician
Zodiac signs Libra
Country of Citizenship American
Race white
net worth $3.5 million (approx.)
Age (as of 2022) 79 years old.
date of birth October 17, 1942
place of birth Texas
Living Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Jim Seals Family (Nationality and Ethnicity)

Jim Seals learns from his grandfather
Jim learned music from his grandfather, Fred Seals

The magic liquid is poured to bring out information about the Jim Hales family, and then we get to know his father, Mr. Welland Seal. Wayland Seals worked in the oil industry to make money for his children and family. Wayland also has a musical background.

Jim’s father learned to play guitar from his father fred seal. As a teenager, Wayland played guitar for singers Ernest Tabb. Jim’s musical talent seems to come from his father. Earlier, Jim’s mother, Susan Hayes, died of old age.

Jim Seals’ younger brother, Dan Seals, passed away in 2009. Now, his sister Renee Staley and half-brother Eddie Ray Seals have left his family after his death. Jim’s father, Welland, was originally married to a woman named Claudel, with whom he had a son named Eddie, who was born in 1937.

But Welland’s first wife died, and he married Susan, after which Jim was born. When Jim was four years old, his family moved to Iran, where his father worked for Shell. Jimdan’s younger brother was also fascinated by music.

Jim seals father, mother’s name, siblings, etc.

Jim Hales and Dan
jim and dan seals
Father Welland Seal
Mother Susan Seal
Country of Citizenship U.S.
religion Christianity
Race white
elder sister Renee Staley
brother Dan seals
grandparents Fred and Cora seals

Jim Seals Age, Birthday and Zodiac Sign

Jim Seals Age, Birthday and Zodiac Sign
Jim and Darrell George “Dash” Crofts
sun sign Libra
Birthday October 17, 1942
age 79 years
date of death June 6, 2022

Jim Seals Height, Weight and Appearance

Jim Seals Height, Weight and Appearance
Jim Seals Age, Wiki, Biography, Wife, Cause of Death, Parents, Family, Height, Net Worth, etc. 1
height (approximately) feet inches: 5′ 11″
In meters: 1.83 meters
In centimeters: 183 cm
Weight (approximately) In kilograms:85 kg
In pounds: 187 lbs.
hair color grey
body measurement Bust 40, Waist 34, Biceps 16
Salient features grey beard
eye color Black
hair length short

Jim Seals Occupation – Musician, Songwriter, Band

Seals and Crofts perform on stage
Seals and Crofts perform on stage

After working for various bands and singers, Jim Seals finally formed his own band with his partner Darrell George “Dash” Crofts. Through their band Seals and Crofts, he was first signed to the recording division of Talent Associates in 1969. The pair then released two albums that topped the Billboard 200 chart in 1970.

In 1971, Seal and Croft signed a contract with Warner Bors. Records and released their first album, Warner Bros. titled “Year of Sunday”. Cooperated with Warner Bros. and released the album “Summer Breeze” Hummingbird, “Diamond Girl” and so on. Working with Croft, Seal was given the opportunity to travel the world and perform in different cities. Mr. Seal withdrew from the show in 2017.

Jim Seals performing with his brother Dan Seals
Jim performs with his brother Dan Seals

Jim Seals Wife, Girlfriend Names, Marriage and Relationships

Jim Hales and his wife
Jim and his wife Ruby Jean Seals

Singer Jim Hayles is a married man and father.His wife’s name is Ruby Jean Seals. When Jim met Ruby, her name was Ruby Jean Anderson. She’s from Houston but grew up in Los Angeles. Ruby has always dreamed of becoming an actor. She was born an African American woman. In 1969, Jim and Ruby started dating.

When Jim decided to marry Ruby, he had his mother’s approval but had a lot of trouble getting his father’s approval. But after many requests, he changed his father’s view of aliens and was recognized. Jim gave birth to his children Joshua Seal, Sutherland Seal and Juliet Seal after marrying Ruby.

song released for film

song title movie title
“These moments will never live again”, fool around (1980)
my fair share” one-on-one (1977)
“Summer Breeze” Holiday (2015)

Top Albums

Seal and Croft 1969
summer breeze 1972
diamond girl 1973
the longest road 1980
trace year 2004

Jim Seal Children, Affairs and Personal Life

children son– Joshua Seal, Sutherland Seal
daughter– Juliet Seal
relationship status Married
marital status Married
wife’s name Ruby Jean Seals
girlfriend’s name Ruby Jean Seals

Jim Seals Net Worth, Source of Income and Salary

Jim Seals Net Worth, Source of Income and Salary
Jim Seals Age, Wiki, Biography, Wife, Cause of Death, Parents, Family, Height, Net Worth, etc. 2

Jim has made a substantial income from his music career. In the last days of his life, his net worth is said to be around $3.5 million.

5 Interesting Facts About Jim Hales

  • Jim has never used any social media platform to connect with his fans.
  • When he started working with Croft, they both started making $500 a week.
  • His song “Tequila” rose to fame after the ’70s, and Jim got tired of hearing it.
  • Details of Jim’s band Seal and Croft’s collaboration are shared by Wikipedia.
  • He is used to following different hair and beard styles.

Jim Seals Wikipedia and social profiles

Wikipedia Click here
Twitter Not available
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Home Click here

Frequently Asked Questions from Jim Seals

Who is Jim Hales?

Jim is a singer, songwriter and musician from the United States

How old is Jim Hales?

Jim passed away on June 6, 2022 at the age of 79

When was Jim Hales born?

Jim was born on October 17, 1942.

How much net worth does Jim Seals have?

Jim’s net worth is approximately $3.5 million.

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