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Jerry Blavat ‘with family and loved ones’ amid rumors of DJ’s death age 82

american family disc player and performer Gerald Joseph “Jerry” Blavat, aka “The Geator with the Heater” and “The Big Boss with the Hot Sauce,” via Facebook post his page Acknowledging rumors of his death and assuring fans that while he is in poor health, he is currently alive.

“We are aware of rumors surrounding Jerry’s death,” the post began.

Blavat himself posted a message to fans on his Geator Gigs website on or before January 10, 2023. In it, he explained why he had to “postpone or miss” some scheduled gigs.

“Goodbye,” he said to the reader. Many people hope for a speedy recovery from this string of illnesses.

Photo by Vallery Jean/FilmMagic

Jerry Blavat’s family quells death rumors but warns fans of DJ’s failing health

A recent post on the Jerry Blavat, Geator with the Heater Facebook page, presumably written by Jerry’s family, admitted what it said were “rumors about Jerry’s death.”

“They are untrue,” the post read unequivocally.

His thoughts are with his family, closest friends and loved ones, and it continues. It acknowledged that Blavat had been “battling health issues” over the past few months, which may have been part of the reason such rumors began to circulate.

Blavat has had to cancel and postpone some of his upcoming performances, including one scheduled for Jan. 28 at the Kimmel Center, which, combined with the latest news about his ill health, may lead some to believe Jerry has passed away. He didn’t.

What is the nature of Jerry Blavat’s poor health? Is he sick?

according to Update by him on his website on January 10, 2023the reason Jerry Blavat had to miss and/or postpone some of his performances was due to health issues related to his “torn shoulder.”

After obtaining “various evaluations,” it became clear it was a “nerve and muscular problem,” he wrote.

He added that the situation was “not life-threatening,” which may allay some fans’ fears. But others may have missed the update. He has received “the most modern available therapy”.

However, due to the treatment, his doctor advised him to “reduce” his schedule. Just “temporarily”.

Meanwhile, where else can you hear his voice?

A statement on his Geator Gigs website said DJ David Virgilio will be reporting from the Oar House bar in Sea Island on Wednesday and Thursday. And he’ll be back at the Live! for his prom! Casinos in Philadelphia “in the near future.”

Jerry Blavat’s concert at the Kimmel Center will be canceled on January 28, 2023. Page on his Geator Gigs website However, he said: “We are working on rescheduling and we will announce new dates as soon as they are confirmed.”

In the meantime, he advised fans to get the “best of both shows” by tuning into the Geator Gold broadcast network.an examination calendar The latest information about a specific show.

“I look forward to getting back to you soon,” he wrote at the time. “Thank you for your understanding, loyalty and respect over the years, and for the love and support you have always shown me.”

Photo courtesy of Bobby Bank/WireImage

How have people responded to Jerry Blavat’s family’s communications regarding rumors of his health and death?

With overwhelming support. In less than two hours, the post embedded above received nearly 800 comments and 1,400 reactions, the vast majority of which were love or care emojis.

Many listeners thanked Jerry’s family for the update. Many wanted him to know he was “loved and appreciated.”

“He brought so many hours of love and joy to so many of us,” wrote one top fan. Others prayed for his health; one said they listened to Blavat “all their teenage years.”

“Jerry,” read one last comment, “you did it, so many are delighted with your infectious personality and immense talent. An icon who changed music for generations. God be with you.”

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