Jennifer Lopez is wearing nothing but a “Ben” necklace and a towel

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Jennifer Lopez Wears Just a ‘Ben’ Necklace and a Towel

Ben Affleck definitely has his love.

Jennifer Lopez wears little but her dainty no-makeup gold ‘Ben’ necklace Videos on Instagram Ships Tuesday.

The 53-year-old superstar, who made her sweet debut while shopping in Monaco in July 2021, remains a clear favourite.

Affleck’s name on the necklace uppercase letterComes with a heart shaped pendant.

“I just got out of the shower,” Lopez tells viewers in the clip, wearing nothing but a necklace and a towel.

The ‘Shotgun Wedding’ Star’s Post Highlights Her JLo Beauty Skin-Care Line—Specifically Jlo Glow Brightening Firming Serum ($79), it promises to “visibly firm and brighten skin over time for the ultimate JLo glow.”

Jennifer Lopez Necklace
Jennifer Lopez expressed her love for her husband with a necklace.
Jennifer Lopez Necklace
Fans may love the necklace, but they complain about the filter she uses.

However, when she really got her heart on her chest, supporters scattered.

“I just saw BEN’s necklace! 😍” commented one fan.

“I love this necklace. A heart hanging at the end of the name! Jen needs to identify her dress and jewelry,” wrote another.

Jennifer Lopez Necklace
Lopez was first spotted wearing the jewelry while shopping in Monaco.
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“Is it just a brightening serum or is it a hot hubby?” joked a third follower.

However, some disagreed with the mom-of-two’s use of Instagram filters to promote her skincare line.

“I love JLO, but this movie is [sic] “And filters,” one of them called.

Jennifer Lopez on Valentine's Day
Lopez and Affleck caused quite a stir when they reunited.

“This woman will use filters in her videos and then try to find a cheap skincare product as the reason for her ‘natural glow,'” another noted.

That’s not the only emotional brilliance Lopez devotes to her spouse; she’s also habitually noticed Jennifer Zeuner Betty Plate Necklace (From $176) Features “Jennifer & Ben” and a diamond “Mrs.” necklace.

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