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Jenna Bush Hager Celebrates Thanksgiving With Her 3 Kids: ‘Thankful’

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Jenna Shrubbery Hager made it clear how grateful she is for her kids.

Hoda and Jenna, 40, host of The Show and mother of three, shared a happy Thanksgiving photo of her family on her Instagram Story on Thursday.


The main photo is a simple take on Shrub Hager’s center girl, Poppy Louise, smiling at the camera with her arms outstretched, looking happier than ever.

The six-year-old is pictured wearing a white nightgown with a theme of St. Nick Claus, a Christmas tree and candy canes, and a headband that reads “Grateful”. Bramble Hager repeated those similar words in a second post on her Instagram Story, writing them over a photo of her hugging her oldest daughter, Margaret “Mila” Laura, 9.

In the next photo, Shrubbery Hager, in a white dressing gown, smiles for the camera next to her youngest daughter, who is wearing a red and dark checkered dressing gown.

The pair also wore the unmistakable “Grateful” headband. Shrubbery Hager ended his holiday with a family photo, with the five sitting on the floor, young Henry “Hal” Harold on his lap, and Poppy and Mila leaning in front of Henry. Last year, the Hagrids chose to skip Thanksgiving for Christmas.

Bramble Hager shared a photo of his son Henry “Hal” Harold sipping hot cocoa, wearing Christmas pajamas and a Saint Nick hat.

“He said he likes hot cocoa and lights, so go fuck Thanksgiving,” Bramble Hager said of the now three-year-old.

Last month, Hedge Hager testified in Individuals about parenting that some parts of it “are not wonderful and can be debilitating.”

“What I want to do is feel like it’s real, the monotony part is also what we do, it’s how we live,” she said.

“Even in the monotony of parenting, I try to find my adoration and joy in my children.”

“I like to believe that I can have fun no matter what, when I’m tired and going to bed and asking them to get their teeth cleaned for the 100th time,” he added. .

“I just have to try and appreciate those minutes because that’s all there is to it and that’s all we’ve got.”

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