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Jeff Bezos and I are like the “Brady Bunch”

Lauren Sánchez and Jeff Bezos have such a mixed family that they consider themselves the “Bradys.”

emmy award winning journalist told the Wall Street Journal.storehouse She and the Amazon founder lived modest lives while raising their children.

“On a typical Saturday, we hang out and we have dinner with the kids, which is always fun because you never know what’s going to happen in a conversation with so many kids,” Sanchez told the magazine.

“We’re the Brady Gang!”

Sanchez has three children from a previous relationship and Bezos has four from his marriage to MacKenzie Scott.

Lauren Sanchez and two children
“We’re the Brady Gang!” she joked to The Wall Street Journal. storehouse.
wire image

The longtime couple live in Beverly Hills, California, but also share homes in Washington, D.C., and Seattle, where Bezos founded his tech company. Since their relationship began in 2019 — following their $38 billion divorce from Scott — Bezos and Sanchez have become inseparable.

The Emmy winner also detailed their inseparable life.

Lauren Sanchez

The Emmy winner also detailed their inseparable life.


The Emmy winner also detailed their inseparable life.


“It was the best experience I’ve ever had. My career has been very different from my partner’s,” she explains. “I think now I can work with my partner and be with him all the time … we love being together, we love working together.

“He helped me write the book,” Sánchez, 53, added of the children’s book he’s working on. – He’s getting his pilot’s license. We fly together. Let’s practice together. We are always together. “

Selfie of Jeff Bezos, Lauren Sanchez and her son
“We fly together. We practice together. We stay together,” she said.
Lauren Sanchez/Instagram

She even joked that Bezos, 59, “stealed” her personal trainer, Wes Okerson.

“Jeff is very focused on his training,” she said. “I mean, you don’t know.” He’s really into his work. ”

Selfie with Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez and caption for the room
The couple have been together since 2019.
Lauren Sanchez/Instagram

Bezos’ ex-wife donated most of his fortune Divorced for charity, it appears the tech mogul has the same agenda.

“Jeff has been telling me since I’ve known him that he intends to give most of his money to charity,” Sanchez said. “It didn’t surprise me at all. He just never felt the need to say it.”

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