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The topic of what actress and “wellness” entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow eats in a day has been a topic of discussion for some time now. People in general are curious about what other people eat, especially those of high social status who are considered beautiful.

The fact that Gwyneth is the face of a lifestyle/wellness brand, has just launched a restaurant concept, and authored several cookbooks makes her diet stand out. Unfortunately, Gwyneth’s current diet doesn’t seem sustainable for adults.

In a viral TikTok interview with Dear Media, Gwyneth revealed that most days she drinks coffee until lunchtime, and then breaks her fast with bone broth. She then had a breakfast, which she described as “Paleo,” but only mentioned vegetables.

She also does about an hour a day of “exercise,” such as walking, Pilates, or a Tracy Anderson workout. Then she goes into the sauna.

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In another clip, Gwyneth says she also gets a lot of IV therapy, and she actually gets an IV during the interview.

When it was pointed out that she was on an IV while speaking, Gwyneth acted awkward at first, but then happily talked about being an “early IV person.” She said she likes glutathione, which is something your liver naturally produces.

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She also says the “random, funkier” IV drip with phosphatidylcholine is one of her favorites because she feels great afterwards. Phosphatidylcholine occurs naturally in foods such as eggs, soybeans, and mustard.

Nutritionist @andydoeshealthy points out that Gwyneth can get the same effect by eating eggs.


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This sparse routine has generated a lot of shocked and educated reactions in the comments and TikTok videos.

Three years ago, Gwyneth’s diet was still light and clean, but it seemed much richer. For example, she usually buys a protein-rich smoothie or a peanut butter protein bar from Erewhon for lunch.

She says she sometimes eats egg salad sandwiches in the rare case of a hangover, and sometimes she tests things her team is testing at Goop Kitchen. She also recommends IVs at this time, but more for hangovers.

At this time, Gwyneth also has some cashews or pretzels around 3 or 4 p.m.

Like now, Gwyneth didn’t really eat breakfast then, but she says she sometimes had brunch on the weekends.

For dinner, she usually joins the kids with Asian food, which includes protein-rich fish.

She also works out throughout the day and then showers at the office.

While this is still a small amount of food, it has more protein and some carbs from fruit (in a smoothie) or pretzels.

In 2021, Gwyneth caused a firestorm when she commented on the podcast SmarLess that she had been “off track” for part of the pandemic. She said she “drinks, makes pasta and eats bread seven nights a week.”

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