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Is Peacock’s ‘Queer as Folk’ getting a second season? (EXCLUSIVE): The Show’s Creator Talks About the Finale Cliffhanger

Spoilers for Peacock’s Queer as Folk are included in this article.

Queer as Folk, Peacock’s new drama, is a vibrant reimagining of the United Kingdom. Following a group of LGBTQ friends as they deal with the aftermath of a tragic shooting at a nightclub in New Orleans, the series (by the same name) follows them. Queer as Folk delves into topics like sexuality, relationships, and self-discovery, and doesn’t hold back in peeling back the layers of these complex characters and exposing their flaws.

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Brodie (Devin Way) confessed his love for Ruthie (Jesse James Keitel), a transgender high school teacher married to Shar (CG), a non-binary person who recently gave birth to their twin girls, in the Season 1 finale, which ended on a major cliffhanger.

Many fans are wondering if a Season 2 of Queer as Folk is already in the works, especially after such a shocking conclusion. Distractify spoke with show creator Stephen Dunn about the shocking finale and what our favorite characters might be up to next.

Will there be a Season 2 of ‘Queer as Folk?’? Source: NBCArticle continues below advertisement “Big plans,” according to show creator Stephen Dunn.

Brodie arrives at Ruthie and Shar’s house in the pouring rain and professes his love for her, in a scene straight out of The Notebook. Ruthie and Brodie start a total makeout session while Ruthie’s partner Shar is inside caring for their twins, which had fans’ jaws on the floor.

So, what’s the next step? Season 2 must be made… do you think so?

Stephen told us, “We’re going to find out.” “At this time, I’m unable to say anything.” But we have big plans for Brodie and Ruthie’s storylines, because there’s obviously still a lot more to explore after that big twist and reveal.”

While fans are eager to learn more about Brodie and Ruthie’s long-standing friendship, Stephen told Distractify that he didn’t intend for the two to be linked in the finale.

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Stephen stated, “It kind of happened.” “It kind of grew out of nowhere.” And now that we’re almost there… ‘I’ve got this idea,’ I told [showrunner] Jaclyn [Moore]. What if something unexpected occurred in that location? ”It’s something new.”

After episode 6, viewers will learn more about the impact the two characters had on each other’s lives, as well as “how Brodie was there for the origin of Ruthie,” according to Stephen.

“It just felt like these two characters were, you know, something bigger there,” he continued.

‘Queer as Folk’ creator Stephen Dunn explains why the series was shot in New Orleans in the following paragraph.

The location of Queer as Folk’s setting and filming was “no question” for the show’s creator.

Stephen told Distractify about filming in New Orleans, “I’ve spent a fair amount of time there, and it is my favorite city in the United States.” “The queer scene, in particular, is incredibly vibrant, punk-inspired, unapologetic, and resilient.” It is, after all, the deep south’s liberal oasis.”

While staples such as Mardi Gras will be present, Stephen was particularly excited to feature local drag queens and the queer scene.

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“It’s just that it’s so big and diverse,” he explained, “and there’s so much intersection.” “It seemed like the only place to set Queer as Folk,” says the author.

You can now stream Season 1 of Queer as Folk.

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