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By Dr. Wale Okediran

I am 65 years old. Lately, I’ve noticed that I’m forgetting simple things like where I left my keys, names of relatives, etc. I wonder if this is normal, but if not, please tell me what to do.

Big Joe (via text message)

When memory loss prevents us from performing everyday tasks and our customary roles in life, it becomes a health problem that requires further evaluation by a healthcare professional. Simple forgetfulness (“lost keys”) and delayed or slowed recall of names, dates and events can be part of the normal aging process. There are multiple memory processes, including learning new information, recalling information, and recognizing familiar information. Each of these processes can be disrupted, resulting in a forgotten experience. There are also different types of memory, and normal aging affects each differently, as shown below. Memory problems that start to interfere with normal daily life and activities are not considered normal aging. Forgetting where to put your glasses is a simple sign of forgetfulness, disorganization, or normal aging; however, forgetting what your glasses are for or where you put them on your face is not a normal memory problem. This also includes forgetting recent events, repeating the same questions and the same stories, sometimes forgetting the names of close friends and family members, frequently forgetting appointments or planned events, forgetting conversations, and often misplacing objects. Difficulty coming up with the words needed. Difficulty understanding written or oral (oral) information. lose focus. It’s easy to get distracted. Need to write reminders to do, otherwise you will forget. May be strenuous, but can complete complex tasks such as paying bills, taking medication, shopping, cooking, household cleaning, driving. Has a number of significant memory impairments but is still able to function independently.

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