Irancel introduces latest roaming packages for Navroz

With the increase in visits during Nowruz and to facilitate Irancell’s communication during these days, a special discount on Irancell’s roaming service charges has been considered for all credit and permanent customers.

According to a public relations report by Irancell, Iran’s first and largest digital operator, to facilitate communication and Internet access abroad for Nowruz tourists, seven international roaming Internet packages have been launched for use in 49 countries, And launched a package dedicated to travel to Iraq. Gift package.

The roaming Internet package provided by Irancel for Navroz 1402 includes five 7-day packages, the volume is 75MB, the price is 50,000 Tomans, the price is 150MB, the price is 90,000 Tomans, and the price is 170 for 300MB. Thousand Tomans, 600MB, price 290,000 Tomans. Tomans and a gigabit package cost 410,000 tomans. Irancell’s preferential packages for Nowruz 1402 include a 14-day package with a 3GB capacity priced at 600,000 Tomans and a 30-day package with a 5GB capacity priced at 900,000 Tomans.

These special packages will be available to 68 operators in 49 countries including Turkey, UAE, Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Germany, France, Italy, Russia.

Additionally, Irancel considered another package for Iraqi travelers that included 10 GB Internet for 10 days at a cost of 1 million tomans.

All Irancell customers must dial order code *1111 or refer to the My Irancell Super app to activate roaming service before leaving the country.

The Roaming Internet Package for Nowruz 1402 can be activated using the command code *1111*3# with Irancell’s Super app.

For more information on using roaming services, visit the roaming page of the Irancell website at

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