Introduction to 33 free artificial intelligence tools; all round assistant

Another set of AI-based platforms are designed and trained to create advertising, scientific, literary and even poetic texts. Of course, we can’t expect much from them; but the overall results are surprising.

PicsArt AI Writer writing assistantPicArt’s artificial intelligence-based writing assistant can quickly generate a variety of texts that you can use on your website or social media pages. In the introduction section of the tool, it is claimed that it can generate content according to SEO standards; of course, the best efficiency of this artificial intelligence-based writing assistant is achieved in the production of English text.

Perceived AIWith the help of this artificial intelligence, it is possible to create summaries, create tables from text, change the tone of paragraphs, edit grammar and spelling mistakes, translate, rewrite text easily with commands. This tool is free for 20 orders; however, to continue, you will need to purchase a subscription of at least $10 per month.

ChatGPT, YouChat, and Po chatbots can also be used to write text in this set of artificial intelligence tools.

AI tools for summarization

Summarizing learning is one of the important ways of learning which sometimes becomes a boring process; therefore, with the help of artificial intelligence, you can shorten the condensation process. AI-based tools have been created that can summarize everything from text to YouTube videos.

eighth application: Text summaries and highlights of YouTube videos that can be clicked and directed to the same part of the video, making it one of the useful tools based on artificial intelligence. The tool allows three free digests per week; of course, only for videos that are less than an hour long and have more than 30,000 views. You can install the application extension on Google Chrome and benefit from its features easily. websiteThe site also provides users with an artificial intelligence platform to summarize long videos. All you have to do is load the website and enter the desired video link from YouTube into the website. This abbreviation tool is powered by ChatGPT artificial intelligence.

Summarize the artificial intelligence plugin for me: This is a free extension that can be installed on Google Chrome to summarize the content of articles on a website. This plugin summarizes text based on ChatGPT. Apparently, the plugin works by telling ChatGPT to compress the text. It can be said that using this tool is a shortcut to benefit from ChatGPT. According to tests, Gimme Summary is not very fast. platform: This tool helps to get article summaries via email. You only need to send the address of the article to the mailbox of this platform, and you can get the abstract of the article by email in 10 minutes. Also, add your friends’ emails to CC and send them article summaries.

wordtune reading plugin: is a free installable extension for Google Chrome that aggregates everything you see on the internet, from articles to PDF files and videos, relying on artificial intelligence. The number of articles summarized using this tool is limited to three per month, after which, to take advantage of its features, you need to purchase a $120 annual subscription.

otter app: Available in the form of a Google Chrome extension and iOS and Android apps, the OtterPilot artificial intelligence tool lets users have transcribed text versions of audio and take notes in online meetings without lifting a pen. or type. So users can connect this app to Google Meet or Zoom or Microsoft Teams and easily get a text summary of the video call. Using the tool is free for 30 minutes per call and 300 minutes per month for voice-to-text, then you must purchase a $17 monthly subscription. website: This is a website where, by entering a link to a YouTube song, you can analyze the textual content of the song, the instruments used in the song, the musical style, and the tone of the song. This tool is also free to use.

Artificial intelligence that converts speech to text

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