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Elizabeth Maddow

We’ve seen several ships set sail and crash in BBTitans’ house recently, giving viewers a sense of “wanting more” as roommates bond to increase their chances of staying in the house longer.

Over the past few weeks, some roommates have been evicted from the show, while others remain on the show for obvious reasons. We hope you get to know it over time.

In week 9, online forum Look at roommates on one ship or the other.

yemi and cosi

On March 5, 2023, Yemi Cregx was evicted from a boat with a roommate named Khosi, who wrote her a letter saying “My queen, the world is not ready for your greatness, I So proud of you, you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work, bye, love you, Yemi Cregx.

He also said in the live video that he was reluctant to talk further about their relationship as he waited to see how the next few weeks would turn out, but Khosi was his favorite roommate and he really liked her too.

Juicy Jay and Yvonne

Juicy jay was also deported on the same day as Yemi, when he was on the boat with Yvonne, he took a video on his mobile phone, and the lock screen was a picture of him and Yvonne. He also posted publicly to canvass for Yvonne.

His words; “I want to represent your love for me and help me vote for my ‘other half’ to win price money…”

This move has many fans eager to see how the ship turns out by the end of the show.

Blaqboi and Blue Aiva

These two unexpectedly sail a boat at home, and we can all see how they’ve grown together. There was also a conversation between Blue Aiva and another roommate, Justin, where he and Khosi discussed her (triangular relationship) with Yemi and Thabang, and he added that he asked if the distance between Khosi and Yemi would be an issue and his answer was “She doesn’t know, she’ll see”.

Blue, on the other hand, goes on to say that “she (Khosi) must not forget about Blue”. No one knew what this meant, or if it would affect her and Blaqboi’s ship.

Yvonne, on the other hand, expressed how much she misses her closest people in the “Olivia and Juicy Jay” house.

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