Imo PDP candidates reject election outcome –

Sandra Nwakolo

In last Saturday’s Imo state House elections, the candidates of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) rejected the results of the polls, claiming that the candidates of the All Progressive Congress (APC) suppressed and intimidated voters.

Solomon Ucheka, PDP candidate for Nwangele and Princewill Amuchie, PDP candidate for Aboh Mbaise state constituency, addressed reporters separately.

According to Ucheka, APC candidate Amara Iwuanyanwu sabotaged the Nwangele Local Government Area process.

He claimed to have won legitimate votes, but said APC candidates allegedly hijacked ballot boxes and rewrote the results, accompanied by security personnel.

Uceka has since filed a petition with the Independent National Election Commission and State Police Commissioner Muhammed Berde over alleged election fraud committed by APC members in the region.

He also said he intended to challenge the results in court.

Meanwhile, Amuchie claimed that the Aboh Mbaise state constituency election was upended by representatives of the state assemblyman Aboh Mbaise. Eddie Obinna, he sent some of his men to start delivering and stealing ballots.

He claimed the boys got votes from Uvuru Ward 1, Umunebie Hall Ndigbo Uvuru Booth 011 and Central School Amuzu.

He further claimed that one of Hon’s assistants. Eddie Obinna’s name is Hon. Ogechi Ebegu and some cultists came to the polling station and started shooting in the air to scare people away.

The state’s APC propaganda secretary, Cajetan Duke, responded that the PDP candidates complained only after their plot to manipulate the electoral process was resisted by voters.

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