I’m Fat And Love My Bigger Body – Trolls Are Ruthless But I Don’t Care, I’ll Wear What I Want

A plus-size woman has hit back at a troll who left unkind comments on her social media accounts.

Kat often shares videos showing off her figure, saying she likes big guys.

Kat shows off her figure on TikTokImage credit: tiktok/@katocdtalks


She slams trolls who had something to say about her weightImage credit: tiktok/@katocdtalks

The plus-size stunner has amassed thousands of fans online thanks to her self-loving attitude and boundless confidence.

In the videos Kate posts, she often poses and dances in skimpier outfits, including bikini tops and miniskirts.

“I’ll keep wearing what I want to wear,” she said defiantly.

But not everyone likes Kat’s confidence, and she regularly receives hateful comments on her posts.

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I'm a size 18 with a 36E chest - trolls call me fat and mean but I don't care

One user left a particularly mean comment after a video of her dancing in a black crop top and miniskirt.

“You’re going to die before us, so I won’t be mad,” they screamed.

But even so, Kate seemed unfazed, replying to the comments with another video of her posing in a bra.

Luckily, there are also plenty of people who admire Kate’s confidence and even say she inspires them

One exclaimed: “You are so beautiful, the confidence radiates from you, yes queen!!”

A second commented: “I think you’re fit?

“I guess some people would be jealous.”

“You are so beautiful and I’m so glad you didn’t let these trolls get you down,” wrote another.

“Forget what they say, stay positive, you are my inspiration,” said another.

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