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I’m An Organising Whizz And My Five Tricks Will Make Even The Smaller Bedroom Look Bigger

It can be difficult to know how to make the most of your bedroom space if you don’t have much of it.

But according to organization guru Caroline Solomon, you can make the smallest of bedrooms bigger with a few simple tricks.

This organization guru shares her top tips on TikTokCredit: Douyin


A tall piece of cardboard can make a huge difference to your spaceCredit: Douyin

She shares these tips on her TikTok account @neat.caroline, and they’re a total game changer.

If the room isn’t very large, you might think that smaller furniture would be better, but that’s not always the case.

Choosing a high headboard can make a huge difference, says Caroline, because it’s the focal point of the space.

Likewise, placing a large piece of art above the bed will create the illusion of a larger space while looking more luxurious.

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The organization expert’s third tip is to “choose furniture with legs to increase the sense of openness.”

Whether it’s your bed or a chest of drawers, the legs will allow light to filter through the room, making it appear larger.

In general, Caroline believes that you should avoid hanging curtains in small bedrooms and instead use simple blinds.

That said, if you do want drapes, try hanging them a few inches higher than usual to add to the sense of space.

Finally, stick to white and other neutrals so you don’t overwhelm an already small room with too many details.

But that doesn’t mean your bedroom has to be boring.

Instead, try textures and patterns that complement each other.

Furniture with legs creates the illusion of space


Furniture with legs creates the illusion of spaceCredit: Douyin

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