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I’m an Amazon shopper, and I found SKIMS bodysuit dupes for $36 less on the site. They’re also buttery soft.

The high-quality of SKIMS by Kim Kardashian’s pieces is one of the main reasons for the brand’s success.

Due to the fact that high-quality items tend to be more expensive, it’s no surprise that shoppers are looking for dupes that may be just as good.


'It’s probably the best bodysuit I’ve ever owned,' she said


Nana Castro, a TikToker and clothing reviewer, shared a video on TikTok showcasing some of the SKIMS bodysuit knockoffs she found on Amazon.

The Fits Everybody High Neck Bodysuit from SKIMS, which retails for $58 is the first thing Nana mentions.

She then flaunts a $22 lavender bodysuit she got from Amazon.

“It’s probably the most comfortable bodysuit I’ve ever owned,” Nana says. I’ve been kidnapped by it. Look at how much it lifts! The material is like butter. I’m not even wearing a bra… It’s incredible!”

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For many women who value comfort above all else, not having to wear a bra with every single outfit is a game-changer.

She then shows off a black high-neck bodysuit from Amazon.

“This one costs $12,” Nana says. It’s not quite as buttery as the first, but it does make my waist appear smaller.”

She claims it’s made of a material that’s very similar to that used in genuine SKIMS bodysuits.

Nana then shows a screenshot from the SKIMS website of the $58 Fits Everybody Square Neck Bodysuit.

In comparison, she paid only $12 for the brown-colored dupe she bought on Amazon.

These SKIMS items appear to have the same level of quality as the more expensive Amazon versions while being significantly less expensive.

Nana says her lavender SKIMS dupe from Amazon feels like butter


In Nana’s comments section, women who are interested in saving money on SKIMS dupes have expressed their delight and approval.

“You’re doing God’s work!” one woman remarked jokingly.

“Girl, you better accept my commission!” said another woman. “I literally just bought five different colors,” she says.

A third person commented: “I just ordered six!”

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A fourth inquired if the items were true to size.

“I’m between sizes medium and large, and the medium fit perfectly!” she said.

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