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Ibadan mosque holds first Qur’an recitation competition –

SANNI Osoro Mosque in Ibadan, Oyo State concluded its first Quran recitation competition.

Nineteen competitors, including 10 females and 9 males under the age of 16, took part in the recent competition at the Agbeja Junction mosque on Oke-Ado Imalefalafia Street, Ibadan.

In a sermon, guest lecturer Ustaz Ashim Yusuff tasked Muslim parents with encouraging their children to recite the Qur’an and embody its message.

Yusuf stressed the importance of raising young Muslims according to the instructions of Allah and his Prophet.

He argues that parenting in this way can be strenuous, but it is better for parents because their children are useful not only to themselves but to society as a whole.

Organizers tested the contestants using four passages from the Qur’an: Juzu Mulk, Juzu Nabai, Juzu Ahqaf and Juzu Dhariyat. Abdul Fatai Aishat was the overall winner, Abdul Hamid Mujeeb was the Juzu Nabai category winner, Lawal Quweey was 2nd and Olatunde Aishat was 3rd. In attendance were guests near and far, members of the Sanni Osoro Mosque Management Committee including Imam Ustaz Mukhtar Abdurazak; Chairman Alhaji Musbaudeen Babajide, Treasurer Alhaji Nurudeen Abdul Salam; other worshipers and members of the public who were worshiping at the mosque.

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