I ordered my dinner from DoorDash – but was sickened by what my delivery driver did to it

A WOMAN was livid after her Doordash driver failed to ship her meals and went off with it as a substitute.

CCTV confirmed a delivery man go away the bag of meals momentarily earlier than rapidly taking an image and strolling off with the products.


He then proceeds to walk off the goods - despite claiming it had been delivered


Disgruntled buyer Briana Johnson, a Technical Recruiter from New York, mentioned she felt “sick” after discovering what the driver had achieved.

Sharing the footage on Twitter she wrote: “Y’all, I ordered one thing from DoorDash and my driver took my meals.

“I’ve literally been in meetings from 12-5pm straight and had no time to cook today & this what your driver does.”

The girl later shared the image she obtained from the driver that confirmed that the meals had been “delivered.”

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The clip has since been seen greater than 2.7 million occasions as customers flocked to touch upon the driver’s fast getaway.

One mentioned:  “Mans bought balls I give him that, he’s on a digital camera he can see and nonetheless took the bag.

While one other wrote: “You can clearly see he didn’t even wait 3 seconds till he took it after taking the photograph.

“It’s pretty obvious his intent was to take the meal from the beginning.”

Others additionally questioned whether or not the driver would face retrospective motion for his behaviour.

“I wanna know if they dump that guy,” one mentioned, earlier than one other added, “he should be fired.”

A 3rd penned: “I’ve seen this often. Really sucks the shitty drivers and it ruins it for the good drivers. Hopefully reporting it he’ll be canned.”

Earlier this week, a pet proprietor claimed an UberEats driver stole her $5,000 canine whereas delivering pizza to her condominium.

She initially thought that her six-month-old cocker spaniel poodle combine ran out of the door when accumulating her order on Saturday.

Polanco then watched surveillance footage. It confirmed the delivery driver stepping into an elevator earlier than exiting moments later.

He was then seen with the canine in his arms earlier than driving away from the scene.

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Days later, the 22-year-old claims she bought a cellphone name from the driver.

She informed the New York Post that the delivery driver claimed he didn’t steal her pooch.

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